Sector Councils

AmCham Councils focus on trends and issues in specific industries or cities. Councils are comprised of members in the specified industry and meet twice annually to discuss current priorities. Councils act by establishing issue task forces to pursue regulatory or economic development priorities or by referring best practice issues to Best Office Committees.

Councils include:

Digital Council.

Current priorities:

  • Digital Workforce. How can Czech Republic meet current demand and prepare for increased demand in quantity and quality of workforce? How can more of the top young minds in the country choose to obtain an IT degree?
  • Adding Value through Product Development. How can Czech public research policy increase the ratio of business to public spending to 2 to 1 or higher?
  • Data Privacy. How do companies make sure they comply with regulations and assure their customers that their personal data is safe with them?
  • Infrastructure. Does the Czech Republic, especially its urban hubs, have the modern digital infrastructure needed to take advantage of the new opportunities?

Real Estate Council.

Chaired by Bert Hesselink, CTP Invest.

  • Urban Development. Do the Prague and Brno Master Plan allow and encourage the type of investment needed to increase prosperity? What are the top ten development projects that will deliver the most economic and cultural value to Prague and Brno?
  • Future of Work. How does office location and design increase productivity, as well as quality of life at work?

Health Care Council.

Chaired by Zuzana Kaifoszová, Helis Partners Consulting and Michal Vondraš, Medtronic. 

  • E-health. How do we know if health care policy improves health, or increases Healthy Life Years?
  • Procurement.  Does procurement practice encourage lowest price or highest value care? Is it aligned with government’s goal to increase Healthy Life Year
  • Regional health care

Sustainability Council.

Chaired by Maria Anargyrou-Nikolić, Coca-Cola HBC.

  • Circular Economy. Case studies of private-public cooperation in circular economy. Sharing the recommendations in this area with public officials.

The action plan of the Councils on Prague, Manufacturing, and Tourism will be published after approval at the AmCham Board meeting.

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