Sector Councils

AmCham Councils focus on trends and issues in specific industries or cities. Councils are comprised of members in the specified industry and meet twice annually to discuss current priorities. Councils act by establishing issue task forces to pursue regulatory or economic development priorities or by referring best practice issues to Best Office Committees.

Councils include:


Digital Council.

  • Digital Workforce. How can Czech Republic meet current demand and prepare for increased demand in quantity and quality of workforce? How can more of the top young minds in the country choose to obtain an IT degree?
  • Adding Value through Product Development. How can Czech public research policy increase the ratio of business to public spending to 2 to 1 or higher?
  • Data Privacy. How do companies make sure they comply with regulations and assure their customers that their personal data is safe with them?
  • Infrastructure. Does the Czech Republic, especially its urban hubs, have the modern digital infrastructure needed to take advantage of the new opportunities?

Digitization of Czechia (2023)

Digitization of Czechia (2022)


Technology and Manufacturer's Council.

  • Manufacturing. Sustainability and energy-related aspects. Case studies, strategies, solutions, site visits.
  • Research & Development. Cooperation between academia and businesses.
  • Circular Economy. Case studies of private-public cooperation in circular economy. Sharing the recommendations.

AmCham Board on ESG: If we want to be an innovative economy, we need to have a comprehensive answer to the Green New Deal

AmCham Technology Council discussed with Brno City Hall how company R&D support in Brno area can be enhanced

AmCham Energy Outlook: Could Czechia become high-tech, high-efficiency energy supplier?

AmCham Intel with Tomáš Pojar: Economic security is built on better technology, and being better at developing technology in Czech universities and company research laboratories

AmCham Technology Council/Brno Council: defining innovation, aligning interests

AmCham met with VUT Brno rector L.Janíček: Some of the best we have in business and universities showed commitment to mutually benefical partnerships

AmCham Technology Council met Minister for Science, Research and Innovation Helena Langšádlová: Exponential growth comes from aligning interests

The Digitization of Czechia with Deputy Prime Minister Ivan Bartoš and National Digital Advisor of Estonia Marten Kaevats 

"We see the need and we want to change how we do business, but it will be almost impossible to achieve the necessary change unless governments feel the same."

Future of Prague Series: AmCham Prague Council on the university's role in an innovative city  


Real Estate Council.

  • Urban Development. Do the Prague and Brno Master Plan allow and encourage the type of investment needed to increase prosperity? What are the top ten development projects that will deliver the most economic and cultural value to Prague and Brno?
  • Future of Work. How does office location and design increase productivity, as well as quality of life at work? 
  • Innovation infrastructure.
  • Digitization of the construction process.

AmCham Real Estate Council discussed digitization of permitting

AmCham Real Estate Council: Offices are not dead. Home office is here to stay (2023)

AmCham Real Estate Council: Supply of residential housing will not grow rapidly also due to uncertainty about the way forward on the new construction law (2023)

AmCham Real Estate Council: Czech economy should not get lost in the middle between more developed and developing economies in Europe and the world (2022)

AmCham Real Estate Council: For us to become an innovative economy, the way we plan to use our land must also be innovative (2022)

AmCham Real Estate Council: Development of innovation environments are essential for the Czech Republic to emerge stronger from today's challenges 

AmCham sent position letter on New Construction Act to Senate (2021)

AmCham Real Estate Council on Co-working 2.0: The future is hybrid


Health Care Council.

  • E-health and digitization of health care. Best practice in using digitization to manage disease treatment, optimize hospital use, increase effective-ness of outpatient care, and increase effectiveness of research.
  • Effective system management. Discussions with relevant representatives of political parties to debate their priorities for the next electoral period. 
  • Regional health care. How to increase effectiveness of health care management in regions to increase equal access to care, and to highlight pilot projects which contribute to gains in healthy life years.
  • Map and build alliances. Building alliances in cardiology, diabetes and oncology prevention, diagnosis and research, addressing tsunami of non-communicable chronic diseases in the Czech Republic. 

AmCham Health Care Council: The moment to digitize health care is now, funds are available

AmCham Health Care Council: Positive mindset of key stakeholders towards digitization is a crucial factor

AmCham Health Care Council discussion with Deputy Minister Pláteník

The Economist Impact/AmCham EU: At a turning point: Healthcare systems in Central and Eastern Europe December 2022 

AmCham EU health care visit in Prague focused on the fundamental balance between European, national and local governance November 2022

AmCham Health Care Outcomes. Panel Discussion on Screening Programs, June 2022

AmCham Health Care Outcomes. Panel Discussion on Prevention, Czech Presidency of the EU, March 2022

AmCham Health Care Outcomes. Panel Discussion on Digitization December 2021

AmCham Health Care Outcomes. Panel Discussion on Prevention October 2021

AmCham Health Care Outcomes, Panel Discussion on Prevention May 2021

AmCham Health Care Priorities by 2025 

AmCham Health Care Council Profil 2021 - ACTION PLAN 2021

National Cancer Control Plan update kicked-off – conference


Tourism Council.

  • Prague and regional tourism recovery.

AmCham Tourism Council: We need to know the real contribution of tourists to the economy

Future of Prague Series: AmCham Prague Council and Tourism Council on how to generate more revenue per tourist 

Impact of Tourists on the Economy - AmCham Hospitality Recovery Proposal

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