AmCham Technology Council/Brno Council: defining innovation, aligning interests

Being a top innovative economy means the various parts of society involved in innovative activities need to have a high enough level of trust that they can work together on investments with a greater risk of failure than those of an assembly line economy. Building that trust means understanding the incentives- what motivates and rewards people and entities for acting- of all players in innovation, and trying to align those incentives toward a common goal.

That is why we wrote the Innovation Letter. Drafting the document brought our various members' into clearer focus, and sending it to other stakeholders made our ideas and incentives transparent. The next stage is to see how we can align them with other participants in the process.

In the last weeks, we have met with VUTB Rector Ladislav Janíček. Universities will play a fundamental role in advancing science, and educating the next generation of workforce that will turn that science into sellable technology. Our meeting focused on major private-public partnerships to develop new sustainable technologies (the Big Bets) and prioritizing STEM workforce in immigration. We also discussed innovation with the South Moravian Innovation Center (JIC).

A group of board members met with the Prime Minister's advisory team led by chief advisor Jakub Kajzler. We emphasized that effective innovation policy will require intense coordination across ministry and public sector institutions, and that the Prime Minister could be invaluable in setting clear overall objectives and aligning government incentives to achieve those objectives. 

We will work on the coordination of our activities with key stakeholders. 





To join our efforts, please, contact Weston Stacey, Executive Director, AmCham CZ.

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