Preparatory meeting for Deputy Fin.Minister (Tax) & Finance committee meeting

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2019 Thanksgiving Ball

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Habits of effectiveness not only for women - CAPACITY FULL

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The Future of Brno at AT&T: How to Connect Brno with The Country of the Future?


During our meeting in Brno on November 12, business, research and public sector organizations shared data and insights into the issues that hamper Brno’s growth.

Prague as an Innovation Hub in 2030


The Czech Republic has announced its intention to become The Country for the Future. The central part of this new economic strategy is to evolve into an innovative economy. Cities with technical universities fulfill a core role in any innovative economy. If the Czech Republic is to become The Country for the Future, Prague must become A City For the Future.  

AmCham suggests steps to achieve innovative economy in 2020 Letter on Priorities


The AmCham has suggested twelve steps that could be taken in 2020 that would help the Czech Republic become a top ten EU economy by 2025. Adjusted for the progress of the past two years and the government's new innovation strategy, the new Letter on Priorities sets four strategic directions: high-tech manufacturing, innovative cities, government policies that drive innovation, and government as an competitive advantage. For each strategic direction, the letter recommends steps that would align the country's key assets- people, technology, infrastructure, and government- to these strategic goals.  

AmCham President Michal Chour outlines 2019 agenda


Michal Chour has been involved in AmCham's tourism advocacy for over a decade. He recognizes that this industry, like so many others, now needs to transition from a volume business to a value-added one. His goal as AmCham president is to help align interests so the sum for the country is greater than all the parts.

AmCham Sustainability Council issues Checklist for a Sustainable Office


The newly formed council met at the end of June to finalize a checklist with targets and suggestions for items ranging from water to plastics to car use.

AmCham submits comments on proposed Digital Services Tax


AmCham is worried that the government's proposed tax on global digital services companies will end up being paid by Czech companies wanting to market on the internet, and not contribute to necessary global solution.


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