Government support of private sector R&D (Brno)

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Tax policy update and outlook: Update for 2023 and outlook of changes for 2024

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Macro Intel with Vice-Governor of Czech National Bank Eva Zamrazilová

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AmCham Intel with Tomáš Pojar: Economic security is built on better technology, and being better at developing technology in Czech universities and company research laboratories


AmCham CZ debated how Czechia's place in the world has shifted, and how keeping it secure has evolved with Tomáš Pojar, the Czech National Security Advisor.

AmCham joins Government Committee on Strategic Investments


At the invitation of the Prime Minister’s office, AmCham has nominated members to positions on the newly formed government Committee on Major Projects. 

AmCham Intel on Wage and Workforce Availability: Czechia should focus on attracting the talent that can drive value-added output


AmCham held an Intel session on wage and workforce availability in Czechia, providing fresh data and practical insights.

AmCham Big Bets: We all understand the urgency and the importance, and the need to take major, well-calculated risks


AmCham met with representatives of Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TA ČR) to discuss how we can drive up the value of private investments in technology development, and how we can make the magical triangle of innovation between government, universities and business generate more value for every crown invested. 

AmCham Human Resources Committee and immigration of highly skilled workers: Digitization and prioritization is necessary


AmCham, represented by AmCham board member, Martina Kneiflová of EY and Mirek Mejtský of Petyovský & Partners met with representatives of the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.


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