AmCham Real Estate Council planning meeting

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DATE CHANGE AmCham Intel: Pricing and Inflation

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AmCham Strategic Leadership: Security

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AmCham Law List - a guide to top legal firms and minds in Czechia


AmCham Law List guide introduces to the top legal firms and minds in the country.

AmCham Energy Outlook: Many leaders reacted to energy prices by accelerating investments


On Tuesday, AmCham CZ discussed the multiple challenges business faces with the energy that powers our economy. Philippe Ducom of ExxonMobil, Pavel Cyrani of ČEZ, Martin Kuba of The Association of Regions, and Milan Šlapák of GE Aviation. 

Recent estimates of the economic impact of Covid and invasion of Ukraine by Russia


Estimates from some of the leading international forecasting institutions.

AmCham met with VUT Brno rector L.Janíček: Some of the best we have in business and universities showed commitment to mutually benefical partnerships


Yesterday, the leadership of AmCham CZ ’s Technology Council - led by AmCham President Milan Šlapák of GE Aviation, AmCham Vice-President Michal Klimeš of Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Tomáš Szaszi of Honeywell together with Brno-based AmCham member companies, key players in the local and global market in their respective industries - met with the new rector of Brno University of Technology (VUT Brno) Ladislav Janíček.

AmCham met with PM's advisor Tomáš Pojar: Conservation and conversion is the responsible way forward


This year we much conserve and invest. Next we must switch to sustainable energy sources. In the third year, we must be fully converted from Russian energy and nearly ready to power our manufacturing base from new, sustainable sources of supply. 

Ekonom: Czechia has a chance for digital transformation. But it cannot be stifled by a flood of regulations


TEN YEARS, THIS IS HOW EXPERTS ESTIMATE THE DELAY OF THE SOCIETY’S TRANSITION TO THE ONLINE SPACE. ACCELERATION MUST BE COMPLEMENTED BY MODERATE REGULATION. The digital revolution is a necessity for Czechia, without it the modernization of the economy is not possible. However, the path to it is dotted with various administrative points, so it is not easy to move along it quickly.  


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