AmCham Technology Council Discussion: How will covid reshape supply lines?

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Amcham HR Committee Best Practice: Wellbeing

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Amcham HR Committee Trends: Compensation

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AmCham Technology Council: Modern Manufacturing: A Series of Case Studies in Production Efficiency


On April 14, the AmCham series of case studies on production efficiency was kicked off by the cases of Steelanol, Whirlpool and Doosan Bobcat.

AmCham 2020 General Assembly Report


An overview of a series of events within AmCham 2020 General Assembly. Real estate, investment, US policy and new administration, automotive, innovation and research. Key thoughts inside.

Government Restrictions of Activities inside the Czech Republic


State of Emergency was declared on March 12 and was terminated on May 17, 2020. The government announced on May 11 they were not planning to ask the Chamber of Deputies for extension of the state of emergency. From October 5, Government declared again state of emergency for 30 days, with further extensions. The state of emergency terminated on April 11, 2021 and the Government has not asked the Chamber of Deputies for further extension. Last update on April 13, 2021. 

Government Measures Supporting Business


The list of Government measures supporting Business. Last update April 13, 2021.

AmCham Sustainability Council: Opportunities and challenges for sustainability projects? Green projects are here to stay and there should be more of them


Last week, AmCham Sustainability Council held another session within a series of case study presentations focused on successful green projects.


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