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01 Dec
GM Breakfast - informal meeting of General Managers, CEOs, Owners, Partners , December 01, 2015

Sheraton Prague Charles Square Hotel, Žitná 8, Prague 1, 08:00

02 Dec
Christmas Mixer, December 02, 2015

AmCham offices, Dušní 10, Prague 1, 17:00

08 Dec
IT committee, December 08, 2015

AmCham offices, Dušní 10, Prague 1, 09:00

11 Jan
Energy Efficiency Task Force, January 11, 2016

AmCham offices, Dušní 10, Prague 1, 14:00

13 Jan
Real Estate Committee, January 13, 2016

AmCham offices, Dušní 10, Prague 1, 09:30

19 Jan
IT (IT/Telco/Logistics) committee, January 19, 2016

AmCham offices, Dušní 10, Prague 1, 09:00


November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving from Michal Nebeský, President of AmCham CR

Thanksgiving started as one culture thanking another.

The Puritans who came from England would not have survived America’s harsh winters without the help of Indians, who brought them food, and taught them what fruits to eat and what plants to farm.

And so, when the harvest was complete, and food stored for winter months, the pilgrims invited their Indian benefactors for a feast of celebration.

This lesson of caring between cultures is especially important today. We live in a world in which people and cultures have mixed together so that it´s nearly impossible to draw lines of distinction. All of us attest to that. Some of us come from somewhere else, or have married someone from another place or culture or religion. Some of us have worked in another country, or done business in another part of the world. We watch films and read books, and listen to music, and travel, and enjoy the food that has been created by the minds and hands of those living somewhere else. We live in a time that, due to the progress of technology, the possibility of humanity living in a global community is possible, and not just possible, but reality.

November 23, 2015

Thanksgiving Ball raised CZK475.600,- to fund schools & NGOs aiming to improve the community life. 2015 Wings Award goes to David Smejkal of Poradna pri financni tisni.

On Saturday, November 21, AmCham organized its traditional Thanksgiving Ball for its members and their business partners at the Zofin Palace. The evening was in the spirit of social responsibility. Thanks to the Silent Auction nearly CZK 500.000,- can be allocated through AmCham´s philanthropic program One World, Many Voices for schools´ & NGOs´ projects across the Czech Republic aiming to improve the community life. AmCham Wings Award to a community leader was awarded to David Smejkal of Poradna pri financni tisni, o.p.s. (click on the title to read more)

To see event´s photogallery, click here.

November 19, 2015

AmCham 2016 Letter on Strategy

2016 Letter on Strategy in English.

2016 Letter on Strategy in Czech.

The objective of the document is to start a discussion of how the Czech Republic can set a strategy (allocate its current economic and political assets) in order to improve its economic performance over the next ten years. It lays out our ideas about the strategic direction of the economy and serves as a staring platform to discuss views with the hope of forming some consensus on how to construct our future prosperity. The ideas expressed represent the distillation of our discussions with businesses, universities and government officials, and we recognize they do not reflect all options, or perhaps even the best options. The document will be used to hold roundtables with all willing policymakers, both in the public and private sector, in an attempt to create consensus on the economic direction of the country. We recognize that we may not have the only- or best- solutions, and expect the document to evolve through the debate, therefore we also would appreciate any feedback you have on the document, or any other suggestions.


November 26, 2015

Letter to parliamentarians on Registry of Contracts vote

Click on the title to read the full letter in English.

Click here to read the full letter in Czech.

Dear Ms./Mr. Member of Parliament,

We write to express our appreciation for your vote to establish a Registry of Contracts. If properly implemented, the Registry of Contracts will help increase the accountability of both public officials and companies, which should help improve the value of each crown spent in the procurement process.

The AmCham’s goal is to help the Czech Republic become a top ten EU economy. One of key factors in achieving that goal is effective public procurement. Procurement in the Czech Republic accounts for a higher percentage of GDP (14.4% (Eurostat, 2013)) than in most EU countries. That is not a good or bad thing; it just means that the country is more dependent on procurement generating a high return for every crown spent than other economies. Generating value in procurement requires good planning, competitive bidding, and accountability for decisions and management of the entire process until project completion. The Registry of Contracts will improve public access and trust of decision-making, and will influence the quality of planning and bidding indirectly. For the procurement process truly to be effective, the registry needs to be supplemented by improvements in other parts of the procurement process. 

November 12, 2015

Minutes from Labor Code&Social Affairs Committee on November 12

AmCham Labor Code&Social Affairs Committee met on November 12 to discuss current news in legislation, past&upcoming plans and activities. The minutes of the meeting you can find attached (available under username and password) or here, presentation on Labor Code changes here. Next meeting of LCSAC will take place on 19 or 20th January 2016 at AmCham offices.

November 09, 2015

Letter to Government on Safe Harbour_November 2

AmCham and Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic sent a letter to Prime Minister B. Sobotka, who was asked to negotiate towards President of the European Commission, J. C. Juncker. All the ministers have been informed and asked for active approach in their negotiations with the European Commission and the Office for personal data protection. Blocking transatlantic data transfer concerns all departments of the Interior and Justice through education, employment and health to culture without exception. Read the letter here. For more information, click here.

October 21, 2015

October 2015 CCC Digest by AmCham's Council on Czech Competitiveness

The Council on Czech Competitiveness, is AmCham´s advocacy forum and policy information channel. CCC covers recent development in AmCham’s advocacy priorities and other issues related to Czech competitiveness.  Click on October issue of our CCC Digest to find out more about policy developments in the past month.

October 02, 2015

AmCham Policy Pipeline: The Prosperity Index 2014 (English&Czech version)

Please see attached analysis of the Prosperity Index and ranking of the Czech Republic in the 2014.

To download analysis please log in through your company password and download the attached file or click here to download online English version, click here to download online Czech version.

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Best OfficeRSS

November 27, 2015

Minutes from HR Committee incl. talk on Predicting Employee Behavior held on November 27, 2015

Members of HR Committee met to discuss and plan upcoming activities. 10min talk presented today by Michal Osuský of KPMG on Predicting Employee behavior brought a high interest of members. To download the presentation from the talk click here.
In January the Committee meets on 29th. It should include the talk on the topic of Burn-out (details to be confirmed soon). Other topics the Committee will deal with in 2016 are: Understanding Millenials, Future of Workplace, Health & Ergonomy, Happinness at work etc.

Read the full length minutes here.


November 26, 2015

Minutes from Marketing Committee meeting held on November 26, 2015

Members of MarCom Committee met to discuss and plan upcoming activities. Most importantly the Committee brainstormed the topics for 2016 that we will further work on. The topics are: On-line marketing activities (A/B testing, Marketing automation, Lead scoring); Websites for SMEs - commercial vs. open source solutions; Sales & Marketing: social media vs. personal contact; Sales in the time of social media; Mailing as B2B direct marketing tool.

Read the full length minutes here.

Next meeting of MarCom Committee is planned for 28 January 2016. Hannu Kasi, CEO of ABB CEE will be present to talk about what he expects from his MarCom departments. The Committee will be followed by the workshop of Tomáš Poucha (Institute of Internal Communications) on Internal Communications: Are Czech companies finally growing up?

November 26, 2015

Presentation from workshop on How to take advantage of Facebook

There are one billion users of Facebook every day. That is a huge amount of people and, of course, a huge amount of content created every second. Many of us don’t like Facebook because there is a lot of useless information from acquaintances and companies. A lot of us don’t use Facebook at all for the same reason. But, there is a way to take advantage of what Facebook can offer you. Topics of how to work with Facebook filtering mechanisms so you can receive smarter content on your private account and even more effective ways to find new customers with your company profiles were discussed.

Read the presentation of Eliška Vyhnánková who works as social media consultant and lecturer. She has led over 250 seminars with 2300 attendees.

How to take advantage of Facebook_presentation

November 25, 2015

M&A from the bank's perspective _ presentation

AmCham finance committee organized a seminar on M&A from the bank's perspective on November 25th. Matej Kosturak of Raiffeisenbank focused on:

  • Differences between lawyer, consultant and banker perspective
  • Typical mistakes and omissions in supporting materials submitted to banks
  • Approval process of acquisition financing in bank

Download his presentation.

November 24, 2015

Minutes from CSR committee held on November 24

Main points from the last CSR Committee meeting held on Nov24:

  • By bidding at the Silent Auction/Thanksgiving Ball AmCham Members raised CZK 255 600 FOR AmCham Philanthropic program: One World, Many Voices (OWMV)
  • NGO´s projects presented at AmCham Ball/Žofín Garden: KOKOZA – kompostování, SANANIM/organic farm U Karáska, Czechitas/"IT pro holky", Rozlet/Café Bazaar, AFS Mezikulturální programy, Etická výchova/ASET, & Lékořice/Art Therapy.
  • AmCham 2015Wings Award for Corporate Leader goes to David Smejkal
  • CSR committee Chairpersonfor 2016: nomination period is open, send your nomination by email at
  • Brainstorming of possible topics for seminars/discussions in 1Q 2016

For more information about CSR comittee, CSR committee Chairperson Elections, and topics brainstormed send an email at


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October 09, 2015

Czech exporters in the USA: Examples from business environment on October 20

American Chamber of Commerce would like to invite you to conference Czech exporters in USA: Examples from business environment on October 20, 2015 from 4 pm, organized by E15 with British Embassy Prague as a partner. Issues to be addressed: Success stories of Czech exporters, who have made a breakthrough in the US market and what they expect from TTIP? Will TTIP facilitate their business in the US? Venue: British Embassy, Thunovska 14, Prague 1. Invitation in Czech you can find here. Official language: Czech. Registration at

September 09, 2015

Doing Business in the USA

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic invites AmCham´s members at an interactive Seminar with representatives of the State of North Carolina/USA named “Doing Business in the USA”.

July 07, 2015

Internship for disadvantaged and socially excluded youth

The American Chamber of Commerce, the U.S. Embassy, and Open Society Fund in Prague wish to continue our cooperation in a project focused on internships for disadvantaged and socially excluded youth. We wish to expand upon the successes of the pilot program we launched in 2013, and are seeking AmCham Member companies interested in partnering with us to improve diversity hiring and demonstrate corporate social responsibility.  Read more


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