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January 28, 2016

January 28: International Data Protection Day + 3 questions survey for members by February 12, 2016

AmCham and its Czech Industry Coalition for Data Protection (CICDP) would like to inform you, that January 28 is the Data Protection Day. DPD is an international effort to recognize the importance of protecting privacy, safeguarding data and enabling trust. In 2016 CICDP and AmCham prepare event with new director of the Office for Personal Data Protection Ivana Janu. We would like to know more, what your company does in area of data protection - fill in 3 QUESTIONS SURVEY by February 12.

If you would like to gain more information, join us for IT committee & Brief on: Why all the buzz around the EU General Data Protection Regulation? on February 16, 9.00am or contact

January 22, 2016

AmCham Letter on Strategy & 8 questions

Following to the AmCham Letter on Strategy we would like to find answers to the defined questions bellow. AmCham committee members with expertise, studies& researches, and interest in solving/answering the following questions should contact AmCham by email for more information. To see the questions, click here.

January 15, 2016

New Year´s GM Evening at Golden Key Hotel

On January 13 we had our first GM evening in 2016. Around 30 GMs/CEOs met to talk to leaders from different business areas. Everything started with a toast by Jiri Gajdosik, Managing Partner of Asten Hotels (hosting member company), continued with a commented tour through Golden Key hotel, then networking & raffle, food and wine.

Big thanks goes to Constellation s.r.o. and Asten Hotels s.r.o. which donated gifts to the raffle.


February 01, 2016

AmCham February Policy Pipeline: Progress or Regress: The State of the Anti-Corruption Movement (English version)

AmCham published its 1st Policy Report on Good Governance and Economic Development in 2016.

Last fall, AmCham debated what our advocacy priorities should be for 2016. We made a strategic choice. We would get back to what we like to do: pursue economic development issues. Since so many others had jumped into the fight against corruption, we felt we could cut back our hours there, and start examining how research could contribute to higher value-added exports, or how the Prague-Brno corridor could become the primary catalyst for the Central European region. We slid good government to fourth, and last, place among our economic priorities.

To download analysis please log in through your company password and download the attached file or click here to download online English version.

November 26, 2015

Letter to parliamentarians on Registry of Contracts vote

Click on the title to read the full letter in English.

Click here to read the full letter in Czech.

Dear Ms./Mr. Member of Parliament,

We write to express our appreciation for your vote to establish a Registry of Contracts. If properly implemented, the Registry of Contracts will help increase the accountability of both public officials and companies, which should help improve the value of each crown spent in the procurement process.

The AmCham’s goal is to help the Czech Republic become a top ten EU economy. One of key factors in achieving that goal is effective public procurement. Procurement in the Czech Republic accounts for a higher percentage of GDP (14.4% (Eurostat, 2013)) than in most EU countries. That is not a good or bad thing; it just means that the country is more dependent on procurement generating a high return for every crown spent than other economies. Generating value in procurement requires good planning, competitive bidding, and accountability for decisions and management of the entire process until project completion. The Registry of Contracts will improve public access and trust of decision-making, and will influence the quality of planning and bidding indirectly. For the procurement process truly to be effective, the registry needs to be supplemented by improvements in other parts of the procurement process. 

November 12, 2015

Minutes from Labor Code&Social Affairs Committee on November 12

AmCham Labor Code&Social Affairs Committee met on November 12 to discuss current news in legislation, past&upcoming plans and activities. The minutes of the meeting you can find attached (available under username and password) or here, presentation on Labor Code changes here. Next meeting of LCSAC will take place on 19 or 20th January 2016 at AmCham offices.

November 09, 2015

Letter to Government on Safe Harbour_November 2

AmCham and Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic sent a letter to Prime Minister B. Sobotka, who was asked to negotiate towards President of the European Commission, J. C. Juncker. All the ministers have been informed and asked for active approach in their negotiations with the European Commission and the Office for personal data protection. Blocking transatlantic data transfer concerns all departments of the Interior and Justice through education, employment and health to culture without exception. Read the letter here. For more information, click here.

October 21, 2015

October 2015 CCC Digest by AmCham's Council on Czech Competitiveness

The Council on Czech Competitiveness, is AmCham´s advocacy forum and policy information channel. CCC covers recent development in AmCham’s advocacy priorities and other issues related to Czech competitiveness.  Click on October issue of our CCC Digest to find out more about policy developments in the past month.

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January 29, 2016

Minutes from HR Committee meeting held on January 29, 2016

Members of HR Committee met to discuss and plan upcoming activities.

Committee will continue to organize its regular 10 min talks during the Committee meetings. Check AmCham Activities Schedule on a regular basis to see what will be future topics.

  • In February (29.2.) there will be a talk on Burn-out driven by Barbora Cenikova of Assessment Systems.
  • In March (25.3.) there will be a talk on Understanding Millenials prepared by LaDana Edwards of Deloitte and Gabor Szilvasi of Xerox.

If you have any ideas for possible future talks please send them to Jeanne Trojan or Lucie Vrbová.

Real the full length minutes here.

January 28, 2016

Minutes from Marketing & Communications Committee held on January 28, 2016

Members of MarCom Committee met to discuss ad plan upcoming activities.

At the beginning of the meeting Weston Stacey introduced AmCham 4 Strategic Directions for Czech Economic Policy. Committee members are asked to send their ideas/comments/expertise/recommendations for „how to communicate“ before February´s Committee meeting.

Committee agreed it will continue to organize monthly CEO talks that will be part of Committee meetings. February´s CEO talk should be with UBER representative (this information will be confirmed soon on AmCham web).

Topics the Committee plans to pay attention to during 2016 are:

  • Internal Communications (to be held in March)
  • Websites for SMEs (content to be suggested by Ondrej Peterka of Fleishmann Hillard)
  • Customer experience (content to be suggested by Petr Passinger of Kentico Software)
  • Sales & Marketing: Social Media and Personal Contact (content to be suggested by Romana Krizova of

To read the full length minutes click here.


January 26, 2016

Presentations from discussion on Tax update 2016

On January 26, AmCham panelists: Alena Dugova of Delloitte, Veronika Federerova Salwenderova of Process Solutions & Karin Hejmová of Swiss Life Select discussed with members changes in taxation for 2016: How to be prepared for Kontrolni hlaseni, What´s new in Zakon o ucetnictvi/Accounting Act and What´s new in Pension Insurance. Click on names to download the presentations. See Photos.

January 21, 2016

Minutes from Business & Finance committee held on January 21

Download presentation from our today´s Educational Brief on: Risk Management Solutions for Czech Importers and Exporters by Jitka Kunstová, Karel Kolar & Tomas Rojík of Western Union Business Solutions -

AmCham members of the committee discussed possible interesting topics related to the business - business processes, customers - retention, motivation, traditional ways of business vs. internet/e-shops., etc for further seminars/ discussions in 2016.  Read full lenght of MINUTES.

Under preparation for End of March/beg. of April: Competitive advantages of your business & Customer Loyalty. Members with expertise, how to measure, how to retain customers are asked to contact/send email to

Next committee meeting: February 18, 9.00am

January 19, 2016

IT committee meeting held on January 19

Let me inform you about the outcomes/Minutes from IT committee meeting held on Jan19:

AmCham members discussed Letter on Strategy - Strategic AmCham priorities including 8 Questions linked to the strategies. Members are welcome to send their inputs/suggestions, answers/researches & best practices by email at mainly to the questions :

  • Should university graduates exit university with certain standard skills certifications? If so, what?
  • What will the IT specialist of 2020 need to know?

Next topics which we would like to prepare for Feb/April:

  1. Edu Brief on Why all the buzz around the EU General Data Protection Regulation? – Feb 16
  2. Panel Discussion on Future of Work (processes) - new trends in processes of work/automation, paperless, digitalisations/IT

Read Full lenght of Minutes HERE. Next committee meetings: Feb16, Mar15.

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October 09, 2015

Czech exporters in the USA: Examples from business environment on October 20

American Chamber of Commerce would like to invite you to conference Czech exporters in USA: Examples from business environment on October 20, 2015 from 4 pm, organized by E15 with British Embassy Prague as a partner. Issues to be addressed: Success stories of Czech exporters, who have made a breakthrough in the US market and what they expect from TTIP? Will TTIP facilitate their business in the US? Venue: British Embassy, Thunovska 14, Prague 1. Invitation in Czech you can find here. Official language: Czech. Registration at

September 09, 2015

Doing Business in the USA

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic invites AmCham´s members at an interactive Seminar with representatives of the State of North Carolina/USA named “Doing Business in the USA”.

July 07, 2015

Internship for disadvantaged and socially excluded youth

The American Chamber of Commerce, the U.S. Embassy, and Open Society Fund in Prague wish to continue our cooperation in a project focused on internships for disadvantaged and socially excluded youth. We wish to expand upon the successes of the pilot program we launched in 2013, and are seeking AmCham Member companies interested in partnering with us to improve diversity hiring and demonstrate corporate social responsibility.  Read more


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