Esports opportunity for marketers in CZ&SK

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2018/2019 Commercial Real Estate Review and Outlook

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Health-Care roundtable with General Director of Insurance Company of the Ministry of Interior David Kostka

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The Future of Prague's Transportation System with Praha Sobě


Current Master Plan of Prague outlines the growth of the city only to its borders. We need to include the outskirts in order to let Prague grow sustainably. On February 8, Adam Scheinherr, Prague’s Deputy Mayor for Transportation, and City Councillor Lenka Burgerová (both Praha Sobě) were our guests at another round of AmCham talks with City Hall representatives on key issues.

The Future of Prague Series with ANO


On January 29, as part of AmCham Future of Prague talks with City Hall representatives, we discussed housing issues with Marta Gellová and Radek Lacko (ANO).

The Future of Prague Series with Praha Sobě


On January 25, AmCham held a discussion on housing issues with Lenka Burgerová (Praha Sobě), Prague City Hall Council member and Deputy Mayor for Prague 7.

AmCham CZ Law List 2019


Our new Law List is out. The directory of our legal members helps existing and entering businesses find the right legal partner to ensure success.

VUT Brno has a lot of serious & interesting projects in the pipeline and AmCham members are an important piece of the puzzle


On January 23, AT&T Brno and Faculty of Electrical Engineering VUT Brno opened a laboratory where students have the opportunity to work on solutions that are ahead of what is currently available on the market. The areas for research and development include 5G Communications, IoT, Industry 4.0, Big Data and Aerial vehicles.

The Future of Prague series with ODS representatives


AmCham is meeting with housing and transportation experts from all parties in the new Prague City Council to discuss how they can innovate to meet the demand for qualified workforce. 


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