AmCham HR Committee: Is parental leave delivering on its promise?

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AmCham General Assembly: Leading in a time of Disequilibrium

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AmCham Leadership Dinner: Summer Session

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AmCham Health Care Council: The technology developed by the private sector, and the organizational competence to distribute that technology where and when it is needed is what allows Government to deliver results.


Deputy Minister of Health Václav Pláteník has the task of integrating health and social services for an aging population. That mean knitting together the work and agendas of at least two ministries, multiple agencies, and the regional care networks. If he is successful in this task, the improvement in the quality of care could be exponential. And the efficiencies created in one of the largest line items in the public budget may far outweigh the public finance reform now being debated in the media.

AmCham 2023 Board Elections: Members can vote until May 30


Elections for the AmCham board of directors will take place by electronic ballot until 5 pm, May 30th. All members in good standing can vote for up to 8 candidates. Corporates have five ballots, and can either choose to cast five different ballots, or check the box on the ballot that authorizes one ballot to count for all five ballots.

AmCham Tourism Council: We need to know the real contribution of tourists to the economy


Tourism is a form of inverted export. Export sends products abroad so foreigners will spend money on them and create Czech national wealth. Tourism encourages foreigners to come here to spend their money and raise Czech national wealth. Tourism policy should focus on increasing the amount each visitor to Czechia spends.

AmCham Technology Council/Brno Council: defining innovation, aligning interests


Being a top innovative economy means the various parts of society involved in innovative activities need to have a high enough level of trust that they can work together on investments with a greater risk of failure than those of an assembly line economy. Building that trust means understanding the incentives- what motivates and rewards people and entities for acting- of all players in innovation, and trying to align those incentives toward a common goal.

AmCham Dinner Series continued


A table full of business leaders from across a wide swath of the economy supped on the delicious, zero waste spring feast prepared by David Rejhon, the chef of The Artisan in the Prague Marriott Hotel. Are we preparing our teams for the disruptive effect of technologies? was one of the key questions.

AmCham Human Resource Committee: Moving toward working from anywhere?


Veronika Kinclová of Clifford Chance has briefed the AmCham Human Resource Committee this week on the revised government proposal on working from anywhere.   


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