Digital Transformation of Finance incl. Finance Committee meeting in Microsoft

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Employees vs employers: How well do we know each other? followed by HR Committee meeting in Randstad

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Strategy and Plans for the Commercial Logistics Network roundtable with Minister of Transport Dan Tok

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Amcham members electing eight board of directors


AmCham members are voting to fill eight seats on our 17 member board of directors. With a slate of ten top leaders in the business community, the choice will be difficult. Results will be announced at the AmCham General Assembly on June 27.

Experts at tax policy discussed tax plans with the Ministry of Finance on 16 May


On May 16 Stanislav Kouba, a director of the Income Tax Department, Ministry of Finance discussed the Income Tax Act and future tax policy with Peter Chrenko, Partner at PwC and the American Chamber of Commerce members at AmCham roundtable.     

Employer Branding followed by Marketing Committee meeting on May 17, 2018


What is a company's mission? Can the emloyees easily plug in and feel part if it? And why is it actually important? Companies at the Czech Republic are missing ca. 300.000 employees. Most of them have found out that to attract talents and to keep them, they have to have something extra for their employees. And with millennials its not about money any more.

Leadership in the Digital Age according to Jonas Prising, CEO ManpowerGroup


"Helping people upskill and adapt to a fastchanging world of work will be the defining challenge of our time. We need aggressive workforce development to address the widening gap between the Haves and the Have Nots. Now is the time for leaders to be responsive and responsible: we cannot slow the rate of technological advance or globalization, but we can invest in employees’ skills to increase the resilience of our people and organizations. Individuals also need to nurture their learnability," Jonas Prising said during a discussion with CEOs of major companies operating in the Czech Republic.

AmCham CZ: Czech workforce report: Employment and wages in the Prague region 2011-2017


The American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic is publishing another report within its workforce analysis series.

HR Committee meeting in Deloitte on Apr 25: what are leading HR trends in 2018?


AmCham HR Committee met in Deloitte on April 25, 2018 to discuss Human Capital trends in 2018. Based on extensive Deloitte global and Czech study, we saw a shift of power from employers to emloyees. Well-being is a leading trend No. 1 in the Czech Republic (important for 92 % of respondents in CZ, 84 % globally) and it is to be called "power of productivity" - a strategy and a responsibility.


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