A series of roundtables on transport and housing in Prague: with Pirate party, Viktor Mahrik, Vít Šimral, Jiří Dohnal

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Labour Market Update

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Macroeconomic Review and Outlook

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Brno's Next Big Ideas: Innovative minds shared their unique solutions


Brno is the city of Mendel, whose studies of peas led to modern genetics, and Godel, whose math underlies the computer industry. Avast and Y Soft Corporation started their global growth from there.

MP Jiři Běhounek met AmCham Health Care Council to discuss possible improvements of health care system quality


AmCham Health Care council met with another member of parliamentary health care committee (ČSSD) Jiří Běhounek this week to continue discussion on the state of Czech health care system and improvement of the quality of disease registries through quality system of digitalization, and an emphasis on the quality criteria in procurement.

AmCham Health Care Council met with MP Jiří Ventruba to discuss the state of Czech health care and our common priorities


AmCham Health Care Council met with MP Jiří Ventruba, a member of parliamentary health care committee (for ODS) to discuss the state of Czech health care and our common priorities, such as improving quality of disease registries through quality system of digitalization, and introducing the quality criteria in procurement. 

AmCham CZ Position Paper: Czech Innovation Policy: “The Country for the Future”


AmCham believes the new research strategy “Czech Republic: The Country for the Future” rightly focuses the government’s economic development programs on creating a strong public research infrastructure that generates patented ideas for existing companies, as well as spin-offs. From a managerial perspective, the strategy sets general and specific objectives, identifies tasks, establishes cooperation across functions of the government, and assigns accountability for accomplishing the goals. We therefore view the document as a substantial step toward the Czech Republic becoming a top ten EU economy by 2025, and would like to offer our support in turning the strategy into reality. What follows are some comments and four concrete steps AmCham proposes as our contribution to the strategy.

2018/2019 AmCham hosted its annual Real Estate Review and Outlook event


AmCham held its annual Czech real estate update "2018-2019 Commercial Real Estate Review and Outlook" on February 20, featuring Bert Hesselink, CTP, Kevin Turpin, JLL, Katarina Wojtusiak and Klara Bejblova, CBRE, Lenka Sindelarova, BNP Paribas Real Estate. Czech Republic has had great ratings lately and investors do not feel nervous or insecure. There is plenty of money, there is cca 3 times more in the stock than demand to buy. In 2018, 50% of stock was bought by the Czech domestic capital. Czech capital became very strong and competitive. In 2019, the volumes are expected to stand at around a similar level as in 2018, constrained a bit by availability and expectations of sellers.

The Future of Prague's Transportation System with Praha Sobě


Current Master Plan of Prague outlines the growth of the city only to its borders. We need to include the outskirts in order to let Prague grow sustainably. On February 8, Adam Scheinherr, Prague’s Deputy Mayor for Transportation, and City Councillor Lenka Burgerová (both Praha Sobě) were our guests at another round of AmCham talks with City Hall representatives on key issues.


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