AmCham Innovation Workshop with VUT in Brno

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The Economist Impact's 'At a turning point: Healthcare systems in Central and Eastern Europe' report launch

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AmCham Leadership Dinners: Spring Session

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AmCham Dinner Series kicked off


Will the government recognize the opportunity sustainable technologies represent to make us an innovation hub of the global economy? Will economic development and standard-of-living pressures take priority over who holds political power in the land use process? How are businesses in Ukraine managing to keep that economy strong enough to fight a war?

Declaration of Support for Women's Economic Empowerment


We recognize the contribution of women around the world and the importance of an equal and equitable environment for women to thrive as leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

AmCham proposes path to innovative economy


AmCham's Board of Directors sent a Letter on Innovation containing our ideas of how Czechia can use the transition to a sustainable economy to strengthen its position as a center for global innovation. 

AmCham Statement on the Construction Act


We write on behalf of AmCham’s Real Estate Council to advocate a wider reform of land use policy, and to state our view that the proposal currently debated in the Chamber of Deputies will not achieve the changes necessary to achieve a leading innovative economy in Europe, and will place the country at a competitive disadvantage to Poland and Slovakia- particular after Slovakia’s digitization of their process and adoption of a new policy aimed at increasing investment into affordable housing.  

AmChamIntel looked into possible path of inflation and Czech koruna, and the root causes of today’s volatility


Yesterday, a group of business executives joined Jaromír Šindel of Citibank, Martin Skřehota of Carrier, and Robert Grader of  Marriott Hotels to discuss possible path of inflation and Czech koruna, and the root causes of today’s volatility at our AmChamIntel session.


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