Finance Committee on Electromobility in 3M

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Leadership and Optimisation of work processes followed by HR Committee meeting

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End of CNB Interventions – 1 year after, what to expect?

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Michal Nebeský: AmCham is not here to create democracy, but we are here to support it


One hundred years after the founding of the Czech state, its economic and geopolitical situation has never been as successful or certain as it is today. We all should be concerned about the global threat to democracy, and each of us need to remember that voting is our right, but participating in the political life of the country our responsibility. AmCham will continue to pursue its economic agenda in ways that support democratic consensus, and plans to focus again on procurement as way to improve economic competitiveness and strengthening public trust.

Weston Stacey: A lot of people in America have underestimated Trump


An article of E15 published on March 12 on steel and aluminum tarrifs (in Czech language). Last Thursday, the Trump administration announced its plan to place tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. The tariffs are intended to raise the production in US steel and aluminum plants to 80%, which is considered the minimum output necessary for survival. If the tariffs take effect, the EU has declared it will place reciprocal tariffs on US products of similar export value. The issue underneath the tariff decision- global overcapacity- is real, but imposing global tariffs does not appear to help solve the problem. An internationally coordinated response using targeted tariffs or quotas might be the best way to keep the economic and geopolitical damage to the minimum.  

Implementation of GDPR - practical workshop under Marketing Committee


On March 8, 2018, AmCham Marketing Committee organised a practical workshop on GDPR* implementation. Structure of the workshop: 1. Briefing on legal requirements by Hana Gawlasová from Squire Patton Boggs 2. Lessons learnt from implementation process by project manager Zdeněk Maňák & online marketing manager David Vopelka from Česká Spořitelna 3. Case study - client vs. businessman - how to comunicate GDPR requirements in pro-business way? - participants played roles of clients and businessmen;  organised  by Emil Jimenez from Passions Communications & supervised by Hana Gawlasová *GDPR = General Data Protection Regulation. Your business approach has to be compliant from May 25, 2018

AmCham CZ: Trump Administration considers steel and aluminum tariffs


The US government is considering imposing tariffs of 25% on steel and 10% on aluminum imports, and the European Union announced it is prepared to respond with tariffs on US imports with the same monetary value as EU exports of steel and aluminum. Other countries, including the largest steel and aluminum exporter to the US, Canada, have also declared their intention to reciprocate. China, the main target of the tariff, has not reacted explicitly.

Real Estate trends in 2018


On February 15 Amcham Real Estate Council organised a panel discussion on developements, changes & challenges in real estates in the Czech Republic. We heard and saw very interesting presentations on Office, Retail vs. Industrial/Logistics, Investment and Residential market, followed by Q&A.

AmCham CZ: Brains and Brawn: Melding research & high-tech production


A day after CVUT and GE announced a research agreement that should make the university a top center for aviation research in Europe, AmCham manufacturing members met in the AmCham offices to compare notes on current and future challenges.


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