HR committee meeting icl. analytics on employees retention

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2017 Thanksgiving Ball

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What did parties teach us about marketing in the 2017 campaign?

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Legal & technical aspects of employee´s monitoring under GDPR on November 11 - presentation and photos


About 50 members met at Amcham offices to join the panel discussion about  Legal aspects and Software / hardware tools topic of employee´s monitoring under GDPR.

To the victor goes the toil


His opponents turned this election into a referendum on Andrej Babis. He won. Now he has to figure out how to glue together a coalition that can govern. Version in Czech inside.

IoT - Cloud platform for IoT followed by IT committee_ held on October 17


Internet of Things… How big companies approach the issues of Security, Communication protocols, How they see the future of IoT for their company… and much more best practices/stories were discussed/presented on AmCham IT committee meeting. Driver of the discussion: Štěpán Bechynský of Microsoft. Read more.

AmCham CZ 2017 Prosperity Index: Doing well, and positioned to do better in the future


The Prosperity Index is a tool for measuring prosperity and identifying areas of public policy which could increase prosperity. Indicators show that the country has made steady progress in increasing its current prosperity, is strongly positioned for future prosperity, and is at the head of the EU in spreading prosperity across the population. The attachment contains the indicators, and some conclusions about what areas the next government should address.

Overview: Czech Political Party Positions - by Party & by Issue


A general election will be held on 20-21 October 2017. What are Czech political parties up to?

Financial Complexities Expats Face _ presentation


Download the presentation from the seminar held on September 26 on: Financial Complexities Expats Face drived by Gabrielle Reilly, Jason Watters & Frank Reilly of Reilly Financial Advisors. Read more...


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