AmCham Digitizing Czechia conference: Clearing the path for Czechia to compete in the digital economy

On April 23, AmCham held its annual Digitization of Czechia conference at the Microsoft conference room in Prague. The Digitizing Czechia was created as a way to talk today about what we can do together tomorrow. We are grateful for Deputy Prime Minister for Digitization Ivan Bartoš for sharing a progress report and his priorities for the next year.

We also thank to Renate Strazdina of Microsoft and Jiří Sven Svěrák of Amazon Web Services (AWS) for providing tech’s perspective on what we can do to unleash digitization’s potential, Michal Pěchouček of Gen Digital for suggesting steps to exploit our AI capabilities, and Antonín Hlavinka of University Hospital Olomouc for describing how health care can accelerate innovation in the sector. 


When we talk about digitization, and what strategy Czechia should adopt to squeeze the most economic and social benefit from the new technological tools innovative companies and individuals have created, we overlook two things. One, those technologies need be approved for use by regulators. Two, most of the new technologies depend on state-of-the-art infrastructure to deliver the most value.

Governments can prioritize being a first adopter by making that the priority during the regulatory review and approval process. If you want a thriving start-up community, being a first adopter may be essential. Letting the country's most innovative entrepreneurs get their hands on technologies before their peers in other countries gives them a big boost at bringing new products and services to the market first.
All our talk about AI transforming society will not happen if we do not have robust cloud computing systems in place. That will require faster approval of cloud service providers, and larger adoption of the cloud across government to create the critical mass needed for major cloud infrastructure investments. 
“Legacy” IT systems draining the budget for modern e-government. Uncompetitive salaries for IT talent. New technologies arriving non-stop. Deputy Prime Minister Bartoš is clearing the path for Czechia to compete in the digital economy and we need to do more to support his efforts.


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