AmCham Health Care Council held a discussion on effectiveness of screening programs and possible next steps

AmCham met with Deputy Health Minister Josef Pavlovic and medical community to discuss the effectiveness of screening programs, following a series of roundtables on prevention and early diagnosis of chronic diseases held during the past year.

With professionals representing health insurance companies, medical societies, representatives of health care providers, general practitioners, health literacy and educational institutions, and with the presence of AmCham member company representatives around the table, we covered facts and figures, model screening programs to follow and key areas to be addressed in the near future.

We appreciate insights and discussion with Director for health care of OZP health insurance company Jitka Vojtová, Heads of revision departments of ZP Škoda insurance company Vladimír Kučera, and ZP MV insurance company Ladislav Hadravský, 1.LF UK, Member of the Standing Committee of the WHO for European Region and Institute for Health Literacy founder Alena Šteflová, ÚZIS/National Screening Center Director Karel Hejduk, Deputy Director of the Association of GPs Petr Šubrt, Deputy Director for treatment/preventive care at the Motol University Hospital in Prague Martin Holcát, and representative of the Czech Society of General Practice Jozef Čupka.

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