Future of Prague Series: AmCham Prague Council on the university's role in an innovative city

At AmCham our aim is increase prosperity (according to our Prosperity Index) through greater business innovation (and investment). That is why we applauded the first articulation- The Country for the Future that the country's economic future was tied to its innovative capability. For the Czech Republic to be that country in the future, Prague needs to start being that city right now. And if Prague is going to be that city, the Czech Technical University in Prague will be the engine powering its performance.

Last week, AmCham sat down with the university's leader Vojtěch Petráček and talked about his aims for ČVUT Prague. We were grateful that Vít Šimral of the Pirate Party, who pursues the research portfolio for Prague, also joined in the debate. Rector Petráček wants the university to jump another 100 places in the university rankings and already has some great initiatives. The city has designated five areas of research and commercial endeavor: biotech, AI, space, greentech and gaming. That helps us focus our search for commercial partners.

We left with nine action points that should make sure that the next four years build on the last four years, and that Prague becomes known as the place entrepreneurs (and multi-nationals) go to make ideas a revenue-generating reality.

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