AmCham Manufacturing Council with M. Skrehota, Carrier and M.Golebiewski, UPS: Supply chains? Expect the unexpected.

AmCham Manufacturing Council met online to hear an update from AmCham VP Martin Skřehota of Carrier Refrigeration and discuss with Marcin Golebiewski of UPS the current issues in supply chain management - and what to prepare for.

We heard insights into how geopolitics, climate change and new technologies will continue to reshape global supply chains, and how they could impact Central Europe, and also what factors companies should consider, and what steps companies can take to maintain flexibility and security of supply, among others.
We have observed a shift of manufacturing capacities from China to other countries in Asia, for competitiveness reasons, and rail and road means of transportation of goods have strengthened due to the situation in the Red Sea. Nearshoring, re-shoring, double sourcing to manage protectionism, connected supply chain, be closer to customer, or optimize working capital profile are the key trends, according to Martin Skřehota, AmCham VP, Senior Director, Global Operations Finance at Carrier Refrigeration.
Central Europe is still attractive to investors due to educated workforce, and relatively lower wages. Large pool of people can be attracted by higher wages brought by new investment. Ukrainian workers play a role, too - the Polish labor market has absorbed 700,000 Ukrainians so far, for example.
Marcin Golebiewski, Head of Central European Country Cluster for UPS, highlighted the B2B to B2C shift as a consequence of the pandemics - a revolution in consumer behavior occured. 
Expect the unexpected was the advice that closed our session. Contact us for more details.

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