Advocacy Task Forces

Advocacy team identifies and responds to issues of concern to the business community that can be resolved by a legislative & regulatory change. Based on members input, we comment and propose new laws, amendments or position papers and advocate them with the representatives of Government, Ministries, Parliament, political parties and policy associations.

Our major past successes:

  • Insolvency Act
  • Commercial Registry reform
  • capping the Social Security Contributions
  • Amendment to Act on Public Procurement (via the Platform for Transparent Public Procurement, which combined the efforts of more than 30 political parties, government offices, or private sector associations to help draft the government approved reforms of the Act on Public Procurement from 2008)

According to ´4 Strategic Directions for Czech Economic Policy´ we pursue four strategic directions aimed at increasing GDP per capita by 60% by 2025:

  1. The home of value-added manufacturing
  2. Prague-Brno-Ostrava Creative Triangle
  3. Health Care as an export industry
  4. Government as a competitive advantage

>> View AmCham CZ: Economic Development Priorities 2018-2020 (click here for Czech version)

AmCham also established, a platform for debating and advocating improvements in competitiveness and economic policy in the Czech Republic. It features data, policy proposals, interviews and opinions contributed by policymakers from public sector, associations, businesses and academia. Our Policy Pipeline brings current policy developments from the Czech Republic and EU.

Work with us on establishing a working group on key competitiveness issues, attend the issue roundtables with government decision-makers to ensure that your views are heard directly. Consult the advocacy team about area of your interest, join our committees and discuss currently drafted legislation or learn more at our events and meetings & from our monitoring service. Our committees address labor & social affairs, tax, real estate, civil & commercial law issues, or developments in the fields of energy efficiency and health care, for example. Contact person: Weston Stacey,




An interview with doc. Petra Tesařová, oncologist and co-author of NOP2030 on prevention (in Czech)

Prevention of oncological and cardiovascular diseases is a fundamental principle behind the healthy population, quality HLY (Healthy Life Years) and public´s health resources saved. Read an interview with doc. MUDr. Petra Tesařová, CSc. on how to motivate the patients to take part in the prevention programs (in Czech). 



AmCham Health Care Council met with Minister Adam Vojtěch

AmCham Health Care Council Co-Chair Tomáš Březina of Amgen led a meeting with Minister Vojtěch and Deputy Minister Martina Koziar Vašáková on covid vaccination policy, major disease prevention, and digitization. Jana Břeská of Amazon Web Services, Martin Koníř of KPMG, Nelly Tomčíková of AmCham and Weston Stacey of AmCham also attended the session.


Amcham sent position letter on New Construction Act to Senate

AmCham sent its position letter on the new construction act to the Senate. 



EY provides AmCham with study on the public use of the commercial cloud

Cloud computing presents an opportunity for the government to improve dramatically its analysis of societal trends and provide customized policy responses. Shift to the cloud also would make the storage and crunching of data more efficient for taxpayers. EY studied the economic impact of the government's adoption of the cloud, and how it could utilize commercial cloud providers.




Resources for Czech Recovery Plan

The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIT) has been finalizing the Czech National Recovery Plan (NPO)  in cooperation with other ministries and the Government. The Recovery Plan represents a generational opportunity to use public funds not only to modernize infrastructure, but perhaps the last great opportunity to use EU money to accelerate the Czech economy into the top rank of global innovative economies. 

"European money should help us start and modernize the economy after the coronavirus pandemic, but not only that. According to the latest information, we could receive about CZK 172 billion," says Deputy PM and Minister of Industry and Trade Karel Havlíček. "The support is not only in the context of Covid-19, the Plan also addresses other topics such as digitization, sustainable transport, the green economy, health care, education, construction of day-care centers or homes for the elderly."

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