Advocacy Task Forces

Advocacy team identifies and responds to issues of concern to the business community that can be resolved by a legislative & regulatory change. Based on members input, we comment and propose new laws, amendments or position papers and advocate them with the representatives of Government, Ministries, Parliament, political parties and policy associations.

Our major past successes:

  • Insolvency Act
  • Commercial Registry reform
  • capping the Social Security Contributions
  • Amendment to Act on Public Procurement (via the Platform for Transparent Public Procurement, which combined the efforts of more than 30 political parties, government offices, or private sector associations to help draft the government approved reforms of the Act on Public Procurement from 2008)
  • Big Bets concept (Czechia can be the leading innovative economy in Europe. Innovation means risk. Czechia has to place big bet on its own talent and capabilities - applied in major investments in cutting-edge technology development & production in the territory of the Czech Republic)
  • Immigration policy (highly qualified workforce, STEM workforce and students)


For the 2023-24 period, we pursue goals in the following areas:

People, Technology, Infrastructure



>> View AmCham CZ: Economic Development Priorities


AmCham also established, a platform for debating and advocating improvements in competitiveness and economic policy in the Czech Republic. It features data, policy proposals, interviews and opinions contributed by policymakers from public sector, associations, businesses and academia. Our Policy Pipeline brings current policy developments from the Czech Republic and EU.

Work with us on establishing a working group on key competitiveness issues, attend the issue roundtables with government decision-makers to ensure that your views are heard directly. Consult the advocacy team about area of your interest, join our committees and discuss currently drafted legislation or learn more at our events and meetings & from our monitoring service. Our committees address labor & social affairs, tax, real estate, civil & commercial law issues, or developments in the fields of energy efficiency and health care, for example. Contact person: Weston Stacey,




AmCham Digitizing Czechia conference: Clearing the path for Czechia to compete in the digital economy

On April 23, AmCham held its annual Digitization of Czechia conference at the Microsoft conference room in Prague. The Digitizing Czechia was created as a way to talk today about what we can do together tomorrow. We are grateful for Deputy Prime Minister for Digitization Ivan Bartoš for sharing a progress report and his priorities for the next year.


AmCham Board debated key business topics with US Embassy

This week, we welcomed the chance to discuss the transatlantic relationship with US Ambassador Bijan Sabet and his team.


AmCham Big Bets discussion with K.Havlíček: Brno and Czechia have a real chance to become a center of innovation

Thank you to Deputy Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic doc. Ing. Karel Havlíček, Ph.D., MBA for discussing the innovation potential of Brno and Czechia as a whole.


AmCham Technology Council discussed with Brno City Hall how company R&D support in Brno area can be enhanced

AmCham in cooperation with Brno City Hall held a workshop on how to increase company R&D and innovation in Brno area.


AmCham Health Care Council: Positive mindset of key stakeholders towards digitization is a crucial factor

During today's AmCham Health Care Council discussion, Antonín Hlavinka of University Hospital in Olomouc/Center for Digital Healthcare summarized the activities of the center of telemedicine and his involvement in preparing Czechia’s digital programs utilizing EU funding.

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