AmCham Board debated key business topics with US Embassy

This week, we welcomed the chance to discuss the transatlantic relationship with US Ambassador Bijan Sabet and his team.

AmCham Board discussed key business topics such as climate change, immigration, technology and security. 

STEM students and workers contribute most to Czechia staying among the countries where the economic opportunities are highest (because economic opportunity pays for security).

In addition, what we need are technologies that reduce the impact of manmade climate change, and perhaps even reverse it. Czechia can be a leading center for developing that technology. We need to recognize that how we react to the Green Deal and the Inflation Reduction Act probably will determine how much of an innovative economy we will become.

AmCham proposed to the Embassy that we work together to strengthen transatlantic cooperation on the development of sustainable technologies, and to expend every effort to ensure that major US investments in sustainable technologies consider Czechia as the optimal place to bet on their future. We also agreed to work on digital issues, including cybersecurity.


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