AmCham met with EP election leaders to discuss their priorities

AmCham CZ finished a series of meetings with three European Parliament election leaders from the parties (and a coalition) with the highest support in the polls.

Thank you to Ms. Klára Dostálová of ANO, Mr. Marcel Kolaja of Česká pirátská strana, and Mr. Alexandr Vondra of SPOLU (we could not find a date to sit with Jan Farský of Starostové a nezávislí) for outlining their priorities and answering our questions about how they defined concepts such as strategic autonomy and digital sovereignty.
From our perspective, the main task of the next Commission and Parliament is whether the EU and member states can construct a policy that will fund the development of advanced technology that can 1) increase Europe's competitiveness, 2) address climate change, and 3) generate the national wealth necessary to fund defense, security, and the quality of life of its citizens. National security depends on economic prosperity. Economic prosperity is built on advanced technology.
It is important that the citizens vote.




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