AmCham in Brief

The American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic is a non-profit, nongovernment organization governed independently by a board of directors elected from and by its membership. We are a member of the US Chamber of Commerce. We connect around 1500 top executives and company owners representing nearly 300 companies. Our member network spans industries, sizes and nationalities.

Our objective is to improve business environment in the Czech Republic. We can achieve it through networks of our members, business associations, public administration and NGOs we cooperate with. Our members can take an advantage of provided business opportunities, management improvements and advocacy.

  • We organize around 100 networking activities annually, including Leadership Cocktails, Seminars, Workshops and Discussions, General Manager Breakfasts and Evenings, Movie Clubs, a Golf Tournament and our Thanksgiving Ball.
  • We promote the country with our Czech Republic Overview, and by briefing potential investors. The overview is distributed by Czech government offices around the world and through our network.
  • We promote our members through Best Office publication and on our website The allows our members to promote themselves to thousands of potential partners.
  • We advocate legislative and regulatory reform. The Competitiveness Report assesses government policy in six areas using both statistics and opinion surveys. Our members and staff were integrally involved in the complete reform of the bankruptcy act, the new commercial registry process, reform of public procurement, the introduction of social security caps, the original package of investment incentives, more liberal rules for financial collateral, the entry of the Czech Republic into the US visa waiver program.
  • We are working with universities and companies to expand research opportunities.
  • We serve as a platform for exchanging best practices in managing an organization.
  • We continue to expand our CSR project One World, Many Voices, which supports projects that increase community participation and education.

The Chamber is registered in the Commercial Register administered by the Municipal Court in Prague, section A, entry No. 7665. Id.-No.: 481 18 320.

To get more information about AmCham in the Czech Republic, please, send an email to

AmCham: the Community of Next

Objectives of Our Community

  • We aim to make the Czech Republic the best place to do business in Europe by constantly improving the networks between businesses, the knowledge of managing a business, and policy governing business.
  • We pursue the next initiative that benefits both the wider business community and Czech society.
  • We strive to create the next business opportunity, whether it is a transaction, an investment, or a new government policy.
  • We cooperate with governments on the next reform that makes economic policy more transparent, fair, and prosperous for the country.
  • We share the expertise and experiences of our community to raise the standards of operational excellence.

Values of Our Community

  • We are transparent.
  • Truth and trust are our core values.
  • We are ambitious. We believe today should be as good as is possible, and tomorrow even better.
  • We take initiative. If we identify what needs to get better, we do not wait for others to take the lead.
  • We are creative. We search for beneficial new trends of managing the economy, managing the country, or building a better society.
  • We are disciplined. Our ideas become reality.
  • We are broad-minded. We understand that there are many solutions to any issue, and we listen to others to find the solution that works best for the sustainable and balanced development of our society.
  • We have respect for others.
  • We excel in every task and in each detail.

AmCham: The Plus Club

Strong communities are built by the efforts of those people who can balance self-interest with public good. The AmCham Plus Club was created to acknowledge such people and the good deeds they have done for all of us. Members of the Pus Club receive a lapel button that they are asked to wear to remind each of us that the health of our society does not begin in the prime minister´s office but in the actions of every one of us each day.

The Plus Club is growing each year as new members are being appointed regularly during AmCham General Assembly held in June based on their long lasting contribution and participation at various AmCham activities and projects.

List of current members: 

    Surname Name
1   Adam Jakub
2   Adams Ronald
3   Barliev Vesselin
4   Bartůněk Aleš
5   Bednář Stanislav
6   Benešová Eva
7   Best Erik
8   Bezdíček Jan
9   Bodnár Sándor
10   Boulton-Smith William
11   Brázda Jan
12   Brix Martin
13   Budway-Strobach Věra
14   Červenclová Daniela
15   Chour Michal
16   Clough Brady
17   Colantoni Andrea
18   Dittrich Martin
19   Dobeš Richard
20   Doležal Jaroslav
21   Dostálek František
22   Eisen Norman
23   Fabián Michael
24   Frkal Tomáš
25   Guilds Christopher
26   Hašková Coolidge Eliška
27   Haškovec Ladislav
28   Havrlíková Zdeňka
29   Hejmová Karin
30   Hesselink Bert
31   Hruška David
32   Jabůrková Milena
33   Ježková Ivana
34   Jílek Dušan
35   Jimenez Emil
36   Kačmář Dalibor
37   Kalousek Jan
38   Kanyza Martin
39   Kavan Klimešová Tereza
40   Kinclová Veronika
41   Klimeš Michal
42   Klimtová Dagmar
43   Kneiflová Martina
44   Kortán Tomáš
45   Kosturák Matej
46   Krajíček Ondřej
47   Kupec Michal
48   Ladmanová Monika
49   Linhart Jan
50   Magnna Kateřina Anna
51   Mach Václav
52   Mališková Marie
53   Malysa Michal
54   Marečková Monika
55   Mařák Filip
56   Mařík Vladimír
57   Matoušek Václav
58   Mejtský Miroslav
59   Mullen Michael
60   Muntean Cristina
61   Murray Darcie
62   Nebeský Michal
63   Nevický Petr
64   Nová Lenka
65   Novotná Jitka
66   Novotný Václav
67   Papirnik Vladimira
68   Pardubský Zbyněk
69   Pavlíček Jiří
70   Peterka Ondřej
71   Plch David
72   Rejhon David
73   Rezlerová Jaroslava
74   Rytířová Lucie
75   Schovánková Soňa
76   Servus Stanislav
77   Skřehota Martin
78   Slavíček Michal
79   Smejkal Ladislav
80   Sokol Peter
81   Soucek Magdalena
82   Soukupová Hanka
83   Sovička Pavel
84   Szaszi Tomáš
85   Spěváček Michal
86   Šindel Jaromír
87   Škvrna Jaroslav
88   Šrámek Ondřej
89   Staňková Irena
90   Suri Sanjiv
91   Šváb Filip
92   Topinková Markéta
93   Trojan Jeanne
94   Ťok Dan
95   Valdinger Jan
96   Vilímek Zdeněk
97   Vrba David
98   Watkins Brent
99   Weber Biljana
100   Weinhold Daniel
101   Zahradník Michal
102   Zelová Jana
103   Žlebková Lenka

The time and talents of AmCham members are what make the organization thrive. Without the voluntary efforts of dozens of members throughout the year, our organization would not be able to advocate new reforms, organize insightful seminars, and make the connections that bring greater prosperity to the country.

Each year, since 2011, at the Thanksgiving Ball, we recognize members’ acts of social responsibility by awarding the annual Wings Award for a member who has made significant contributions to AmCham activities and the business community as a whole in the course of the previous membership year.

From 2013 we also give a Wings Award to a community leader whose activities have improved the condition of community life in the Czech Republic and have had a positive impact on the public. This is a non-political award, regardless AmCham membership.

Any AmCham member can nominate by sending filled nomination forms to AmCham offices (via email or regular mail). Nomination period usually run from the beginning of September until the mid of October. The final approval of the nominees is made by the AmCham Board of Directors.

Nomination forms:



  • AmCham Wings for a member goes to Bert Hesselink of CBRE for his long-term chairmanship of AmCham Real Estate Committee and for driving its agenda forward.



  • AmCham Wings for Community Leader goes to David Šmejkal of Poradna při finanční tísni, o.p.s.

The Financial Crisis Advisory Centre (Poradna při finanční tísni) is a Public Benefit Organization and a unique example of cooperation of the largest Czech financial institutions/banks on a non-profit platform. By providing a free-of-charge counselling to concrete individuals in personal financial/social crisis and/or difficult life situations, the Centre gives the concept of “corporate social responsibility” a very concrete content.

Under the leadership of David Šmejkal, the Centre provides a high- quality and effective advisory to citizens in financial crisis, in imminent or existing insolvency or subject to execution, and help in submitting applications to be discharged from debts. Thanks’ to David´s efforts, the Centre has already 8 branches in Praha, Ostrava, Ústí n. Labem, Šumperk, Hradec Králové, Litvinov, Česká Lípa, Plzeň and Prostějov. The general aim of David Šmejkal´s advisory services is to make people aware of responsibility over personal finances, teach the wide public how to avoid risks associated with indebtedness and promote responsible borrowing.  His team does so through professionally structured seminars, workshops, lectures which they adjust to each specific audience and its experience: schools, companies, social service providers, senior homes, unemployed.



  • AmCham Wings for Community Leader goes to Petr Sýkora of Dobrý anděl foundatifon.

Dobrý anděl foundation helps families facing financial distress as a result of illness. In 2011, Petr Sýkora and Jan + Černý set up Dobrý anděl foundation and committed for the first 5 years to pay 25 million CZK. Anybody can become Dobrý anděl (Good Angel) by contributing regularly any small amount of money. Financial contributions from all Good Angels are re-distributed each month down to the very last “penny” to all the families who need it and are registered in this foundation. The operating expenses of the endowment fund are financed out of the private funds of the founders.


  • AmCham Wings for a member goes to Zdeněk Vilímek.



  • AmCham Wings for Community Leader goes to Jan Lorman of Život 90.

Jan Lorman´s background is in directing theatre and radio broadcasts. In 1990 he set up an organization called Život 90 with a mission to improve the quality of life and general well-being of senior citizens. Život 90 is Jan´s great passion and his work for this organization has been a life-long commitment with significant and far-reaching impact on the community as a whole.

Život 90 cooperates with governmental and municipal institutions in creating programs aimed at social, educational and cultural activities. It provides numerous humanitarian services to enable the elderly to more actively enjoy their lives as members of society.

Mr Lorman´s team has been operating a special telephone line for senior citizens who are in distress or in need of help. Hundreds of thousands of pensioners have confided in the Život 90 helpline over the years of the organization´s existence and have benefited from its valuable advice and guidance.


  • AmCham Wings for a member goes to Jan Valdinger of Change Partnership for his long-term contribution and cooperation on AmCham projects.



  • AmCham Wings for a member goes to Milena Jabůrková of IBM

Milena is the type of individual who, when there is a problem, does not point fingers at others, but points it at herself and gets to work finding and implementing a solution. She challenges conventional thinking, she views “no” as the first step to getting to “yes”, and considers the government a piece to the puzzle, not a separate and alien power.

Her work in Amcham focuses on making the country a hub of international business. This year, her efforts were integral to devising a better policy for immigration and labor. In the next year as the country continues to find its competitive footing, we are counting on her to help us fill the vacuum in positive economic policy that the continuing political crisis has created.



  • AmCham Wings for a member goes to Daniel Weinhold of Weinhold Legal and Dan Ťok of Skanska in that time

Daniel and were recognized for their outstanding efforts to make the public procurement process more transparent and efficient.

Dan chaired the Platform for Transparent Public Procurement and served as its general spokesman. His ability to lead discussions to concrete conclusions, and to coax consensus from the various political parties, government agencies, and civic associations that are members of the platform was essential to achieving the legislative reform and creating an atmosphere of cordiality and confidence that should enable the Platform to undertake further reforms.

Daniel chaired the expert working group on the reform of the public procurement act. His task was difficult: he had to reach agreement on the principles of the reform, work with the government on drafting the reform, and then carefully vet both the government’s proposal and other amendments to ensure that the principles were achieved both in the text and in practice, and that the legislation would have no damaging side effects. His precise work often put him, at times, into the crosshairs of both politicians and other enthusiastic reformers, who did not like it when their big ideas were confronted with the challenge of working in practice. Without hours and hours of his work, along with hours and hours of his patient explanation, we would not have the solid, workable reform that is currently in the hands of the Senate.





One World, Many Voices is an AmCham philanthropic program to support long term development of the Czech Republic.

Since 2012, the program has been contributing to development of community involvement in the Czech society.

Objectives of the program include:

  1. increase community involvement of children
  2. increase communication skills in English language
  3. foster application of theoretical knowledge in practice by own project realization

From this new grant competition AmCham has supported 11 school projects throughout the Czech Republic in 2012/2013, 9 schools in 2013/2014 and 8 schools in 2014/2015.


In 2015, AmCham Board proposed to dedicate funds (CZK 200,000) raised during the auction in 2014 for projects which:

  • use digital technology to increase public access and participation in local communities and
  • support high school and university students’ using technology to solve community problems.


Due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemics, in 2020, AmCham and Y Soft Corporation used the funds raised in 2019 to donate face masks for doctors.


  1. Help us identify and develop projects for Silent Auction donations – please suggest project by sending an email at
  2. Send us short description of the project, School/NGO/Town involved in the project, why you recommend this project/why this project should be selected. Send us contacts/email contact/phone to school.

Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions - contact Gabriela Rybova at

The program Facebook pages:


How to participate?   |    How to Donate?   |    Donated Projecs


How to participate?

Who can compete for donations?

Classes or similar school groups from public basic schools and public high schools in the Czech Republic can submit their project proposals.

How much can a school get?

A maximum cap on single projects is not set.

What kind of projects can be submitted?

Submitted projects have to be beneficial for wider community (not only the class), it has to involve the school, local community (public) and a local government organization. Cooperation among kids, teachers, public and municipal government representatives is desired. Projects should have a long-term positive effect and sustainability.

Submitted projects should be prepared by children to a large extent, written in English (up to 3 pages A4 format) and should include:

  • Purpose and clearly defined objectives of the project
  • Who will be involved and what their roles will be (class, school, local community, public, local government or its office
  • Time schedule of realization
  • How long the project will last after its realization, project sustainability
  • Breakdown of expected budget, including amount of requested donation

Projects should be delivered either to AmCham office via regular mail or via e-mail to Gabriela Rybova at

Grants are awarded to individual projects (donation contract to a school). The project has to be realized within 12 months from receiving the money.

The final report in English language and short video has to be submitted to AmCham.
Specific details are published with opening of the grant competition every year at, Facebook page and LinkedIn.


How to donate?

Each year money for the One World, Many Voices program is raised mainly during the annual Thanksgiving Ball.

At the Ball the Silent Auction supported by many sponsors and donors is held. Any member company can donate an item for Silent Auction that is going to be auctioned.

Important source of finance for the One World, Many Voices project are donations from corporate tables. Companies that order a corporate table can voluntarily pay extra CZK 10.000 margin that is donated to this project.

For more information contact Gabriela Rybova at


Donated projects

Winners of the grants in Fall 2014 (with links to their videos about completed project):

  • Cirkevní gymnázium Plzeň - project Underpilsen
  • ZŠ a MS Deblin - project University of the Second and Third Age
  • ZŠ Chrudim, Dr. J. Malíka - project Change Your School, Change Your Life
  • ZŠ Antonína Sochora Duchcov - project Two worlds together
  • Masarykova SŠ Letovice - project Let´s get to know our town
  • ZŠ a MŠ Traplice - project Grandparents memories
  • SOŠ vinařská a SOU zahradnické - project Bridging the gap between the young and the old
  • ZŠ Dr. E. Beneše, Praha 9 Čakovice - project Spirit of Čakovice


Winners of the grants in 2013/2014:

  • Základní škola a Mateřská škola Stará Ves, okres Bruntál - Art activities for Janovice Castle
  • VSŠ a VOŠ v Moravské Třebové - Museum of Military High School in Moravská Třebová
  • ZŠ Chrudim, Dr. J. Malíka  -  Feeling proud while looking out of the school window
  • Základní škola Plumlov, okr. Prostějov - The nature trail of Plumlov
  • Základní škola T. G. Masaryka Šardice, okres Hodonín - Let´s sing and talk together
  • Základní škola Bosonožská 9, Brno - Workout and fitness palyground for teenagers
  • ZŠ Davle - Project Park Davle
  • ZŠ a MŠ Brno, Kotlářská, Brno - Let´s meet!
  • Základní a mateřská škola Kunštát, 32 Brno, Kunštát - Our Victory

Winners of the grants in 2012/2013:

  • ZŠ a MŠ Deblín -  School as a community centre of the village
  • ZŠ Paseka - You can see us but cannot hear us - school theatre group in Paseka
  • SŠ, ZŠ, MŠ, Hanácká, Šumperk - The Garden of friendship and understanding
  • ZŠ a MŠ T.G.Masaryka Hlavečník, Pardubice - Let's Read
  • Základní škola Hranice, okres Cheb - Meeting Park
  • ZŠ a MŠ Josefův důl - Learn in nature
  • ZŠ a MŠ Kunín, okr. Nový Jičín - The Garden of Knowledge
  • Základní škola T.G. Msaryka Mnichovice, Praha –východ - One Step, Many Advantages
  • ZŠ Lukov - One World, Many Traditions
  • ZŠ Ostrava Poruba, A.Hrdličky - English silent singing
  • Gymnázium, Kadaň, 5.května - Mini GLOBE Games

List of donated schools from 2003 until 2011:


  • Benešova ZŠ
  • 16.ZŠ, Americká třída 30
  • Bolevecká ZŠ
  • 31. ZŠ
  • 1.ZŠ, Západní 18
  • 17.ZŠ, Malická
  • 21.ZŠ
  • 22. ZŠ, Na Dlouhých 49
  • 34. ZŠ, Gerská 32


  • ZŠ Emila Zátopka Zlín, Štefánkova 2701
  • ZŠ Zlín,Křiby 4788
  • ZŠ Zlín,Komenského 78, Zlín – Malenovice
  • ZŠ Dřevnická, Zlín
  • ZŠ M. Alše


  • ZŠ Ostrava, Matiční 5
  • ZŠ O. -Zábřeh. Chrjukinova
  • ZŠ O.-Poruba, A. Hrdličky 1638
  • ZŠ O.-Poruba, Porubská 831
  • ZŠ O.-Hrabůvka, Mitušova 16

Ústí nad Labem:

  • ZŠ Stříbrnická
  • ZŠ A. České
  • ZŠ E. Krásnohorské

ZŠ ESB, Brno
ZŠ Klatovy
ZŠ Emy Destinové, Praha 6


Milan Šlapák
CEO, Chairman of the Board

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Focus area: Technology

Board Mission:

As a company, we believe the next wave of this country's growth depends on larger and more effective investment into research and development. I want to use our recent experience to help shape policies to increase the proportion of private research investment to public research investment, and to share best practices among high tech manufacturers so that the country's manufacturing capabilities are among the best in Europe.

AmCham Priority:

• Effective R&D collaboration between industry & academic sphere

• Transformation of Czech economy from low-value assy operations into high-value research & mfg .

• Addressing lack of high-skilled labor force


Ondřej Krajíček
Chief Technology Strategist

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Focus area: Technology

Board Mission:

"I see Czech Republic as a country of innovative, courageous, skillful and hard working people. We have been facing challenges and risks, longterm and recent and I believe that the only way forward is to see opportunity. I want to continue working on improving our business climate and quality of life for Czechs through digitization, nurturing innovative workforce and increasing the added value created in through strategic technology research and development. Through Y Soft CSR, I am also supporting fact based journalism to protect our liberal democracy."

AmCham Priority:

Digital Transformation of Czech Society and Business ecosystem Digital Transformation of Czech Society and Business Ecosystem with focus on how easy it is to conduct business between US and Czech Republic Drive Mutual Investments and deliver US Market opportunities to Czech Startups leveraging my network and venture capital experience Prevent Czech Republic to become yet another chop shop for foreign entities Leverage the opportunities stemming from our Czech craftsmanship, technology foundations and R&D ecosystem (such as AI, Robotics, Electronics and Biotech) and presently by Covid-19 pandemics


Jaroslava Rezlerová
Country Manager

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Focus area: People

Board Mission:

"Workforce is the major challenge and the major opportunity for the Czech Republic. We need utilize immigration to drive Czech income growth, and provide greater economic security. At the same time, our education system needs to adjust to the reality that automation will completely change the type of jobs in the market. I would like AmCham to help the government put the country ahead of the curve of technological change."

AmCham Priority:

• Workforce

• Cooperation with other countries Chambers of Commerce


Martin Skřehota
Director, Refrigeration Operations Finance

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Board Mission:

"Manufacturing is undergoing tremendous turbulences. Resiliency is becoming the desired state. Post pandemic supply chain set ups are changing the global manufacturing lay outs. All that together with industry and technology changes are disruptive to used Czech Republic manufacturing set up. As a board member I will continue to focus on identification trends and solutions helping Czech manufacturing being globally competitive."

AmCham Priority:

• Country manufacturing strategy

• Monetary and Fiscal policy stability

• Labor market trends 


Board Member

Hesham Elamroussy
Lead Country Manager

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Board Mission:

Collaborate with the AmCham board of directors towards the transformation of the Czech economy, shaping of the energy policy, improvement of the business environment and enhancement of the country’s competitiveness

AmCham Priority:

• To sustain AmCham’s position as a Trusted partner with the Czech Government and other stakeholders

• To leverage ExxonMobil’s experience and raise stakeholder’s awareness of the O&G industry dynamics, energy outlook, and impact on business environment

• To leverage ExxonMobil’s experience and raise stakeholder’s awareness of European and global energy policies including EU Green Deal, Fit For 55, Net Zero Industry Act, and the potential solutions towards a net-zero future

• To actively engage in advocacy efforts aiming for shaping the energy policy

• To improve access to Talents within Czech Republic

• To improve the competitiveness of Czech Republic Business Services sector

• To build-on and develop furthermore the bilateral business relations

Board Member

Pavel Kliment
COO, Partner, Risk Consulting

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Board Mission:

"As a Board member, I would like to build upon more than two decades of work of managing partners of KPMG in contributing to AmCham active role in enhancing the local business environment. AmCham has a strong record of achievement and KPMG is proud to be active member. As a head of KPMG Real Estate and Construction practice I would like to actively contribute to various topics in these areas. I would also like to continue to strongly support development of transparency and ethics in the Czech business and public environment. I am convinced that AmCham as an independent, reputable and respected representative of the business community can play a key role in promoting best practice in this area."

AmCham Priority:

• Development of Prague

• New law (construction, ESG, compliance)

• Tax policies 

Board Member

Martina Kneiflová
Country Managing Partner

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Focus area: Immigration

Board Member

Violeta Luca
General Manager, Microsoft Czech Republic

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Board Mission:

Contribute to the development of AmCham's strategic objectives by sharing industry insights and facilitating meaningful engagements. By empowering businesses with cutting-edge technologies and promoting cross-industry collaboration, we can create a prosperous future for Czechia, its businesses, and its people. Together, let's shape a thriving ecosystem that embraces the transformative power of technology and fosters a culture of innovation.

AmCham Priority:

• Digitization in the country – supporting policy making and facilitating best practice sharing

• Innovation – contribute to our strategic agenda to enable competitive Czechia

• Sustainability and effective healthcare in the country 

Board Member

Michala Malat
Government Affairs Manager

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Board Mission:

"The Czech health care is dealing with several issues which are resulting in slowing down or even blocking the incremental progress while western countries make exponential improvement through innovation. There are no long term plans which could assure us that our patients will get in 3 years the same or better level of treatment as patients from the western countries. And investors and talents usually tend to choose countries where the health care reaches the top quality. Prosperous health care is then one of the enablers how to achieve overall Amcham strategic goals and I would like to help Amcham to partner with government to start using the innovation as the key tool to succeed."

AmCham Priority:

• Sustainable financing of healthcare

• Recognition of innovation and digitization as key driver of efficient and effective healthcare

• Open data allowing us to call for the appropriate reset of system incentives 

Board Member

Munir Nanji

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Focus area: Macroeconomics and Finance

Board Mission:

"My priorities, as AmCham Board Member, would be to promote the Czech Republic as preferred destination for investments and business. Considering Citi’s unique position of serving communities, institutions, and governments, in more than 100 countries and jurisdictions globally and a history of over 200 years’ globally and a presence of 32 years in the Czech Republic, I am convinced we can work to the benefit of the country and support AmCham objectives at our best. With over 30 years of international banking experience and an extensive industry expertise in Central Europe, Africa, and Asia, I would like to focus primarily on the development local and international businesses and environment, facilitate the transformation to ESG solutions and support the growth of the digital economy and Fintech ecosystem in the country and region."

AmCham Priorities:

• Improve investment climate and opportunities

• Advocate and support ESG implementation

• Promote and support growth of Digital & Fintech economy

Board Member

Václav Novotný

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Focus area: Healt Care

Board Mission:

"The American Chamber of Commerce has a unique position in the Czech business environment. I am honoured to serve for the continuous success of AmCham and I am again ready to dedicate my experience and energy to further enhance AmCham’s position as trusted and respected partner to both business community and state authorities. I would like to focus on AmCham priorities, especially Competitiveness, Healthcare and Transparency." 

AmCham Priority:

Focus on advocacy with stakeholders to drive economic improvement of the Czech Republic including better and faster acceptance of Innovation and Digitization. Work closely with Healthcare Council on implementing AmCham priorities to create sustainable and wellfunctioning healthcare system. 


Board Member

Michal Pěchouček
Chief Technology Officer

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Focus area: Innovation

Board Member

Jaroslav Škvrna
CEO, Deloitte Central Europe

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Board Mission:

"Personal experience from the Czech Republic serving clients for almost 3 decades but also understanding of the region around us and of our competitive edge. Aligning Deloitte experts from various fields to contribute to the Innovation agenda, but also to other topics of importance (sector expertise, macroeconomics expertise, D&I focus and moving the needle in this field, etc.). Utilizing my global network to get the right insights into what is working in market leading economies such as Germany, US, Canada, etc." 

AmCham Priority:

•Strategy – discussing the economic direction of the country with other stakeholders

• Advocacy – implementing the action plan of the AmCham-US Embassy investment program

• Communication – helping with a tailored communication plan and stakeholders mapping to reach the goals set in the Strategy 


Board Member

Pavel Sovička
Managing Director CZ&SVK

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Focus area: Land use

Board Member

Sanjiv Suri
President & CEO

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Focus area: Tourism and Hospitality

Board Mission:

"Over the next two years I would like to devote my energy to three areas:

1. Contribute to revive Prague’s hospitality, convention event & food & beverage industries in the “new normal“

2. Help to increase the level of Czech Republic´s attractiveness for retaining the best brains in service excellence, innovation & digitalisation as the foundation for the future.

3. Hold discussions among AmCham leaders about the responsibility of business to lead in solving some of the challenges threatening our path to a better society."

AmCham Priority:

• Economic Development—Czech Competitiveness 2030/2040

• Economic Development— Meetings, Incentives, Congres

Board Member

Michal Závišek
Senior Director&GM- Honeywell Technology Solu

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Focus area: Technology and Manufacturing

Board Mission:

"Honeywell believes Czech Republic with its strong industrial heritage and word class academia is great place to grow our R&D capabilities. We will use our experience from key industries of advanced mobility, digitization, and sustainability to help Czech government and municipalities to define strategies for faster transformation into high tech economy."

AmCham Priority:

• Transformation of Czechia into high tech economy with clear focus on megatrends and key industries.

• Effective R&D collaboration between industry & academic sphere

• Addressing lack of high-skilled labor force. Improving entrepreneurship education.

Weston Stacey

Executive Director

Barbora Vítová

Membership, Registration
Phone: +420 733 389 373

Katarína Bendíková

Economic Development, CzechCompete website
Phone: +420 734 234 182,

Gabriela Rybová

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