Základní škola Ružinovská - Prague 4 gets money from One World Many Voices (OWMV) - AmCham philanthropic project.

Funds to this project were raised in Silent Auction and by special contributions from corporations purchasing Corporate tables at AmCham Thanksgiving Ball.Thank you to all donators & contributors. AmCham will continue to support Schools/NGOs projects aiming to improve the community life – contact us if you/your company would like to be involved more in OWMV next year.

Project of ZŠ Ruzinovska:

"Monday afternoon meetings" for graduates  (meetings of approx. 15 graduate students from our school - adults with different degrees of mental disability and medium-functioning autism) - to teach them (taking in account their mental possibilities) to use touch pads, which are very welcomed and suitable for people, who very often have problems with gross and fine motor skills.

For donated money we would like to buy 5 iPads. We would like to use these iPads for education of our students in morning hours as well, this would provide full time use of the devices.

We would also like to connect the building in which are Monday meetings held with wi-fi signal from the main school building in which server room and IT classroom are located.


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