Akademie waldorfské pedagogiky gets money from One World Many Voices

Money from One World Many Voices will help Akademie waldorfské pedagogiky (AWP) to establish itself as a supporting institution for the waldorf school movement in the Czech Republic. We hope the project money help us to be independent from any grant money in the future in our core activities. In this way we hope to be long-term sustainable in the future.

Project of AWP: "Bringing more people supporting Waldorf´s Educational system under one roof“. We would like to support creativity of teacher´s in their classroom everyday life. Through talks, seminars and especially various artistic activities. Click on the title to read more.

We will organize weekend courses in the first part of the year 2016 on basics of waldorf education, 2 weekend language courses of English & German for teachers, July  summer school and refreshing course for active waldorf teachers with final concert in Semily, and new Class Teacher Training will be launched in 2017.

More about the mission of AWP click here.

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