Amcham´s comments to Act on Digital Tax (3rd reading in Parliament)

We write to express our concerns over the adoption of a Czech Digital Tax on a targeted group of companies that provide the platforms for the creation and international growth of innovative business. 

We believe the adoption of such a tax signals a switch away from the economic policies that have made the Czech Republic one of the economic successes of the first quarter of the 21st century and toward a populist and protectionist economic policy that conflicts with the basic fundamentals of an export-driven economy that will increasingly rely on commercial, digital alliances.

We believe the future of the Czech, EU, and US economies depends greatly on the ability to create a common regulatory framework for the digital economy. Such a framework will allow the strong, international network of alliances that are the source of innovations and start-ups to thrive. The arguments that a national digital tax will harm the development of those networks in the Czech Republic are clear. We hope the Chamber of Deputies will consider this during their debate.

The full letter in attachment. 

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