HR Committee meeting in Deloitte on Apr 25: what are leading HR trends in 2018?


AmCham HR Committee met in Deloitte on April 25, 2018 to discuss Human Capital trends in 2018. Based on extensive Deloitte global and Czech study, we saw a shift of power from employers to emloyees. Well-being is a leading trend No. 1 in the Czech Republic (important for 92 % of respondents in CZ, 84 % globally) and it is to be called "power of productivity" - a strategy and a responsibility.


Leading trends from the global study:

  • The symphonic C-suite (Teams leading teams, cooperation in leadership): leading trend globally (85 %), 6th trend in CZ (84 % of importance)
  • The workforce ecosystem: managing beyond the enterprise
  • New rewards: personalized, agile, holistic
  • From careers to experiences: new pathways
  • The longevity dividend: work in an era of 100-year lives
  • Citizenship and social impact: society holds the mirror
  • Artificial intelligence, robotics, and automation: putting humans in the loop
  • The hyper-connected workplace: will productivity reign?
  • People data: How far is too far? 

For the presentation which includes data put in context both from the global and the Czech study please write to

Next HR Committee meeting will be held on May 30 in Randstad, Jungmannova 15, Prague 1, where the committee will discuss outcomes from Randstad Employer Brand Research (extensive global and Czech study on Employees vs. Employers, their expectations, drivers, retention aspects & more). Details of the meeting & registration is HERE.


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