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Countries are built on the character of their citizens. Each person's talent, energy, and commitment to community contribute to the progress of a nation, and to the sustainability of that advance. An individual with the skills and fortune to make decisions that determine a company's rise also plays perhaps the most vital role in a country's fate, because progress is financed by prosperity.

That is why, since its start in 1992, the AmCham has been focused on two things: building a pool of talented decision-makers who can share their expertise to improve the overall chance of economic prosperity and advocating a regulatory environment that makes it easier to start a business, better to invest, and more attractive to risk major innovation. We are proud to have been among the first voices to call for the introduction of investment incentives, as well as the essential reforms of commercial registration, bankruptcy, and public procurement, and to provide the hands and minds necessary to make those reforms a success. We also take pride in the many business leaders who have passed along their experience and expertise through our Best Office committees. On these days of commemoration for all those who have led the Czech Republic to the best era in its history, we would like to express our gratitude to those within our membership who helped lift the country through their daily effort to succeed in their business, and to share the lessons they have learned so that success could spread throughout the Czech nation. 


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