The Future of Prague series with ODS representatives

AmCham is meeting with housing and transportation experts from all parties in the new Prague City Council to discuss how they can innovate to meet the demand for qualified workforce. 

As part of a series of meetings with Prague's political representatives, we discussed the ongoing challenges of growing the city's workforce as fast as its economic potential demands with ODS representatives Tomáš Portlík and Ondřej Martan. We agreed on almost everything. 

Execution, especially in the building permit process, needs improvement. Planning needs more political support from across the spectrum. Approximately 6,000 residential units need to come on the market annually to make the city able to attract and retain the entry-level workforce necessary to grow the Prague office and start-up market. More affordable living in Prague can be supplemented by an effective system of park-and-rides that allow citizens living throughout central Bohemia to access the higher wages available in the country's capital.


More roundtables to come, please, join us: 

Praha Sobe on housing  

Praha Sobe on transport  

ANO on housing  

Pirate party on transport

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