The Future of Prague Series with ANO

On January 29, as part of AmCham Future of Prague talks with City Hall representatives, we discussed housing issues with Marta Gellová and Radek Lacko (ANO).

The principle of subsidiarity in a system of 57 city districts seems not to be working well. It is rather hampering work of the city officials and development of Prague, as each city part strongly advances its own interests.

AmCham has been assembling pieces of the puzzle of housing and transportation issues that have been challenging the progress of Prague. Putting the pieces together into a bigger picture will support the capital and its administration in the process of making Prague a major business and start-up center as well as increasing the current level of economic investment.

Prague needs to develop a (long-term) housing plan that will create more affordable (not only) entry-level housing in the city to attract new employees who wish to either live in Prague or commute to the capital every day. If we aren't fast enough, Prague will become a city of tourists!

On February 8, we will meet Deputy Mayor Adam Scheinherr and Lenka Burgerová (Praha Sobě) to discuss current issues of transport in Prague.>> Register for the event.

On February 13, we will discuss Prague's transportation with Pirate party representative Viktor Mahrik. >> Register for the event.

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