Smarter immigration, greater innovation

Innovation relies on human knowledge, skills and creativity to develop new technology and utilize to benefit human society. Humans with that knowledge, or those skills, and that creativity are a precious and scarce commodity, and, therefore, in high demand in those economies that generate the most innovation.

No innovative country has enough talent bred within its border to fulfill its potential to innovate. A tight correlation exists between the rate of innovation and the rate of attracting innovative workforce from other countries.

The Czech Republic today has an immigration policy that risks Czech talent emigrating to other innovative economies. That is a far greater security threat to the country than the risk posed by bringing more foreign scientists and engineers into the country. Innovative talent pools around opportunities created by the existence of advanced technology being developed into even greater advanced technology. The inability of companies that offer that opportunity to innovative people to bring enough people into the countries has forced them to turn to Poland and other countries which have less innovative capacity, but policies more supportive of innovation. The previous government created a pilot project to digitize the immigration process and introduce a points-based system for prioritizing innovative workers. The current government is considering cutting its budget. Making it a immediate priority is the only way to help prevent the Czech Republic from becoming a place that produces talent who create innovation for other countries.


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