Slapak and Muchna show Czech-American business ties are deep and increasingly sophisticated

Milan Šlapák of GE Aviation (and AmCham's First Vice-President) and Václav Muchna of Y Soft Corporation were selected to represent the Czech and US business relationship on Czech Television yesterday. Their presence alone exhibits how important the relationship has become to the economic future of both countries.

GE Aviation’s investment into developing and producing aircraft engines is the test case- and template- for how the country can build a research infrastructure that can produce critically important products for the global economy.

Muchna’s Y Soft Corporation has become a worldclass player quickly, and is now partnering with Microsoft on the essential work of making businesses run more efficiently and securely.

Add to that Linet’s supply of 3,000 hospital beds in 2019 that helped ensure that the US had the capacity to handle coronavirus when it spread across the country, and the importance of commercial cooperation between the two countries becomes crystal clear.

Now all we need is for the governments of the two countries not to inhibit, and even mimic, the level of integration that is growing day-by-day. Countries also need to cooperate to succeed. Being a sovereign country does not mean having no partners. It means having the independence to choose which partners it wants. 

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