Report: Czech Workforce 1: population and employment trends; participation rates by gender and age

AmCham advocacy team have prepared a report on population and employment trends. This report is the first of series addressing the development of the Czech employment and compensation market. The reports start at the national and general economic level; as they progress, they will go into more detail about specific economic sectors, occupations, and regions.

Key findings:

  • The number of working-age Czechs has declined by 313,000 since 2005. Declines also experienced in Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, and Romania. 
  • The Czech Republic has 1.2 people under 15 years of age for every person aged 55-64. They have best such ratio in the region. 
  • The country also had the greatest increase in the region of population under 15 over the period 2010-2015.
  • 70% of Czech population aged 15-64 was employed in 2015. This is the second highest rate in the region, after Austria. 181,400 more people were employed in 2015 than in 2005.
  • The ratio of full-time to part-time employed has dropped from 21.94 in 2005 to 18.53 in 2015. That is the second highest ratio in the region, after Bulgaria.
  • The rate of economically active male population is the highest in the region. The rate of employed male population is the highest in the region. 
  • The rate of economically active males aged 55-64 has risen by 6% since 2005, and is 5% higher than any other country in the region. 
  • The rate of economically active female population is second highest in the region. The rate for women aged 55-64 rose by 15% since 2005.  

Over the next months, the AmCham advocacy team, in cooperation with expert members, will present a series of reports of the Czech workforce, starting with a national picture and working down into detail about regions, cities, and economic sectors. The reports will begin with two country studies: one on population trends and economic activity by gender and age, and the second on employment according to size of enterprise and occupation. The reports will then shift to economic activity (including manufacturing, construction, information & communication, hospitality, and real estate). Finally, the reports will focus on Prague, Brno and important industrial regions. Only the reports by sector and region will address compensation, as national averages do not reflect the high regional variation.

Full version of the report is available here.

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