Program Antivirus: Handbook for Employers

The Program “Antivirus” (Regimes A and B) is aiming at protecting jobs and decreasing negative impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, providing financial compensation of employment costs to avoid layoffs.


On March 31, the Government approved modified targeted employment support program:     Program “Antivirus” (Regimes A and B), the purpose of which is to compensate for all or part of wage costs in the form of wage reimbursement for employees for period of work-related obstacles caused by the quarantine or by emergency measures related to the spread of COVID-19. These are cases where obstacles to work have not been objectively caused by the employer, but the employee cannot perform his/her work through force majeure or a decision of the state administration.

The program proposed by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs approved by the Government: Usnesení Vlády ČR ze dne 31. března 2020 č. 353 o zrušení usnesení vlády ze dne 19. března 2020 č. 257, usnesení vlády ze dne 23. března 2020 č. 293, o Cíleném programu podpory zaměstnanosti. Signed by the Prime Minister on March 31, 2020.

The full Handbook for Employers to be downloaded below.

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