Open Letter of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce: To Our Nation’s Elected Leaders: Americans Hired You. It’s Time to Do the Job.

An Open Letter to the President, Vice President, and Congressional Leaders. 

At the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, we know one of the most powerful and life-changing phrases is, “You got the job.” For countless Americans, that sentence holds the promise of a new start, a new chapter, and a new pathway to the American Dream. And it represents the opportunity that businesses, entrepreneurs, and innovators breathe into communities across the nation every single day.  

Over the past few months, Americans made their own hiring decisions. To each of you, they delivered that same powerful message: “You got the job.”

Now more than ever, it’s impossible to overstate the responsibility that comes with your roles or the gravity and urgency of the work ahead. 

Most notably, the pandemic is still raging across our country, and American families and businesses continue to experience an uneven economic recovery. Meanwhile, a contentious election season, recent riots at our Capitol Building, and efforts to undermine our democratic institutions have sprouted as symptoms of a more severe affliction that ails our nation: Polarization has sowed division and mistrust, and many Americans have lost faith in the institutions that are meant to serve them.

You face historic day-one challenges, but you do not face them alone. The U.S. Chamber and the American business community stand ready to help.

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AmCham has summarized in a special report for its member companies the situation as Joe Biden enters office, providing details of his first major initiatives, listing the primary qualifications of his major appointees, analysing his odds in Congress with excerpts from a December intel session, in partnership with Squire Patton Boggs, with former Speaker John Boehner and former high-ranking Democrat Joe Crowley, and summarizing Biden’s main economic priorities as he enters office.


What is inside:

The Scene as Joe Biden takes office on page 2

Joe Biden’s first act: American Rescue Plan on page 3

Joe Biden’s team: his principal appointees on page 6

Biden’s Chances in Congress: excerpts from Discussion with John Boehner and Joe Crowley on page 9

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