Now for the next 100 years

AmCham members and Czech government officials convened at the US Residence to welcome US Ambassador Stephen B. King to the country and into the business community. 2018 marks one hundred years since the founding of Czechoslovakia, and the country now may be living at the highest point of prosperity and security in that century of struggle and triumph. 

As Ambassador King outlined in his remarks, relationships between countries stand on three legs. The first leg is friendship. The second leg is a common security. And the third leg is commerce between its people. The Ambassador underlined that he attends to devote much of his time to strengthening that third leg. The AmCham intends to support him every way we can. We will spend more time helping Czech companies do business in America. We will target US investments that deliver research and product development- as well as production- to this market, and headquarters investments that will turn Prague into one of Europe's top business hubs.

In June, we intend to turn our General Assembly into a discussion of how the country can address the challenges facing it as the economy continues to catch up and pass its European neighbors. 

More information and photos from this event can be found here.

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