MP Jiři Běhounek met AmCham Health Care Council to discuss possible improvements of health care system quality

AmCham Health Care council met with another member of parliamentary health care committee (ČSSD) Jiří Běhounek this week to continue discussion on the state of Czech health care system and improvement of the quality of disease registries through quality system of digitalization, and an emphasis on the quality criteria in procurement.

One of the main AmCham priorities is to improve patient registers - improve hospital systems, based on the data, to monitor whether the patients are treated according to recommended procedures and to what extent patient access to innovative medicines is ensured.

ČSSD program priorities as listed by MP J. Běhounek:
Quality and affordable care, no fees;
Quality healthcare;
High-quality education;
Regional Differential Care;
Promotion of a new structure of publicly guaranteed health care facilities;
Special Fund of the Ministry of Health;
Increasing the wages of nurses, doctors;
Prevention, preventive education;
Comparability of medical care.
Mr Běhounek stressed a good example of the Vysočina region and offered to share best practices with other regions and stakeholders.
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