Michal Chour, AmCham CZ President: We are willing to put in the work, and take the risks, required to become The Country for the Future

Prague's economy faces 3 challenges as we emerge from the pandemic.

International travel needs to resume quickly. The retail and hospitality industry must adjust to the absence of a large no. of daily commuters as companies institute work-from-anywhere policies. And we must again figure out how to compete against Berlin and other CEE cities for innovative people to charge our economy, including start-ups.
In tourism, we should take steps to move from being a discount destination to a premium destination. We say we are proud of culture, but when we offer to visitors, our main selling point is that it is free (V Praze jako doma). We have unique history, Prague has been the home of some of the great artists in history. Yet we do nothing to present that fact to our neighbors. Time for change.
AmCham Board of Directors is working on changing the mindset in government and business that settles for a low-margin, volume economy. We are willing to put in the work, and take the risks, required to become The Country for the Future.




Michal Chour

President of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic

General Manager, Alcron Hotel Prague

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