Lessons learnt from 2017 political campaign

The key for your marketing success is to find your motivators and your barriers. What works are personalized campaigns, private profiles and authenticity.

What useful tools and aproaches can businesses take from political campaigns - discussed by Petr Andrýsek (Social media expert), Jakub Horák (who was called the King of facebook and experienced big success with the Pirate Party campaign recently), Jaroslav Poláček (who is for 9 years a TOP 09 marketing leader), Radim Hejduk (who was not only active in ČSSD´s campaign, but also candidated as Nr. 6 at Prague´s ČSSD list of candidates) and around 30 AmCham´s members on Nov 28 at AmCham´s offices. 

Highlights from the discussion:

Jakub Horák: "The key for your marketing success is to find your motivators and your barriers. Talking about Pirates, I thought first, that the campaign would be based on the digitalisation of the government, electronic election etc. However through analysis of visitors on Pirate´s Facebook´s profile  in past three months we found out that the Pirates can reach far broader audience by profiling as the watch dogs. Our campaign "Pusťte nás na ně" was a clear message for those who felt upset with the existing political structures. What I recommend to the businesses is to make a good analysis - we used PerfectCrowd - so you know who people really are, what they really like and dislike. Because what people want to show - what they post and share on their profile is often a different picture that we get when we analyze what pages they liked or even looked at."

Is it worthy to make expensive campaign? Pirates: 6 mil CZK, TOP 09 72 mil. CZK, ČSSD 90 mil. CZK. No, much more important is, that you know your message and you know your voters/clients. 

What are the trends? Personalized campaigns, private profiles, authenticity.

Useful tool: Behavio - showing map of voters incl. between whom they are deciding and why. Applicable for business.

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