Joint Statement of American Chambers of Commerce in the Three Seas Region

Eleven AmChams in CEE support Three Seas Initiative.

We, the undersigned American Chambers of Commerce,

acknowledge the renewed relevance of the Three Seas Initiative in the current geopolitical context andreaffirm our shared commitment to advance economic development, regional cooperation, andconnectivity across Central and Eastern Europe;

recognize the potential of the Three Seas Initiative as a growth enabler for the region through the development of sustainable digital, energy, and transport infrastructure, the deployment and uptake of innovation, and the pursuit of ever-closer ties among participating nations and with strategic partners,like the United States of America.

Seizing this momentum relies on the ability to attract and nurture investments in diversified and secureenergy supply, accelerated digital transformation of the Three Seas economies and societies, and enhanced transport connectivity along the North-South axis. The ripple effects will future proof oursocieties and economies, offset regional disparities, and foster convergence with the wider European Union.

To keep the full promise of the Three Seas Initiative, we encourage decision-makers to consider:

  • further upgrading the Initiative, from a political cooperation platform into a robust investment-driven engine for regional growth and integration;
  • creating a stakeholder engagement framework to facilitate collaborative efforts among the public and private sectors, civil society, and academia across the Three Seas region, to shape policy and joint projects;
  • setting-up a Three Seas Initiative R&D Hub to support new business models, transfer of know-how and technology adoption, as well as scientific collaboration;
  • expediting the implementation of tangible cross-border projects and public-private partnerships in the three priority areas of the Initiative.

On behalf of our business communities, we remain steadfast in our commitment to working together with decision-makers and relevant stakeholders to create a thriving landscape for economic growth and prosperity, within the framework of the Three Seas Initiative.

September 6, 2023, Bucharest, Romania

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