Join us for a business breakfast with Tomáš Prouza on January 17

Tomáš Prouza, Czech State Secretary for European Affairs and Digital Agenda says: ´If we look at the impacts of the Industry 4.0 on the society, it is clear that the role of the government in setting and adjusting the conditions for the economic transformation will be significant. Nevertheless, the role of businesses in the transformation will be absolutely crucial – in the introduction of technological innovations and new processes in business management. The key responsibility of businesses will be to care of their own employees.´

Join us for a business breakfast on January 17 at Clarion Congress Hotel Prague. Information and registration here.

´Our future must not rest in cheap labor. Wages in the Czech Republic must grow.´ He adds on Twitter (10 Dec 2016).

Look into the Government Action Plan for the Development of the Digital Market, browse the official website. Find out more about Mr Prouza’s priorities, including his blog. Read about his recent activities and statements in the areas of Industry 4.0 /Society 4.0, Open Data, Free Flow of Data, or Digital Single Market (from min.11:30).

Czech Action Plan for the Development of the Digital Market states that the highest level of development are open and interconnected data. ´The greatest weakness is that the state does not know how to work with its own data.´ Tomáš Prouza told Ekonom. ´As for openness, we are advancing at a relatively fast pace, but the data interconectedness is missing. Currently, open data should cover the areas of public procurement, state support, national accounts, positions in public service, data boxes, public transport timetables or data from registry of contracts and the registry of entities listed in the ARES database. I hope that state-owned businesses could be obliged to publish open data within a year or two

´We are no longer just a cheap industrial country, but have a developed innovation ecosystem that is built on the industrial tradition. I personally would like to see more Czech startups connected with European centres such as London and that is why I believe that joint (V4) promotion of the region as a 60-million market is the right way to go ahead.´ Mr. Prouza says in Czech Startups 2016, a study by Aspen Institute.

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