Jihlava health care innovation conference: The future is growing up from the ground

During the innovation conference in Jihlava held on 10 June, regional leaders discussed best practices in financing health care to bring greater value to patients. Vysočina region and governor Jiří Běhounek hosted the event. 

Jiři Běhounek and his team in the Vysočina region have introduced e-health systems that are spreading across other regions, Jiří Čunek from the Zlínský region has been aiming to build the first modern hospital in the Czech Republic, and Pavel Vepřek is transforming hospital networks in Plzeň. Congratulations and respect to all teams for their efforts.

Thank you for your insights, Pavel Vepřek from the Plzeňský region, Jan Michálek from the Ministry of Health, Milan Vojta from the South Moravian region, Jiří Čunek from the Zlínský region, Ondřej Dostál from PwC, Ladislav Dušek from ÚZIS, Lubomír Slavíček from Nemocnice Jihlava, Petr Kala from FN Brno and Petr Pavlinec, CIO at Vysočina Regional Authority.

Thank you to Zuzana Kaifoszová from HELIS Consulting and Michal Vondraš from Medtronic who chaired discussions and represented AmCham priorities, as well as to 3M, GE Healthcare and AstraZeneca for their support of this event!


The future is growing up from the ground.

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