Highlights from GM Breakfast hosted by Park Inn Hotel Prague

15 General Managers/CEOs met on September 13 at Park Inn Hotel Prague and shared their successes but also threats which their companies & sectors are facing.



What was mentioned during the breakfast?:

Social media is trending topic right now. Not only in marketing departments, but also HR, internal communication, customer service and in sales. But only small percentage is using potential of social networks, because of lack of understanding and underestimating power of social media. In social media industry we can see fight for effectivity and implementing social networks to other parts of businesses, not only to marketing. 

Petr Andrýsek, Chief Shark,  Socialsharks - Sociální média jsou našimi vodami! www.socialsharks.cz

The general outlook for our industry is positive as more companies, especially in manufacturing, realize the benefits of return on investment when replacing their current lights with LED. Also, there is a new trend which is gaining momentum: large utility companies, from CEZ to RWE, started to branch off into other energy-related services, offering them to end-users as a package.

Robert Špirk, co-owner, FRONTIER TECHNOLOGIES, s.r.o. - www.frontier-technologies.eu

In our sector of legal firms we see the de-mergers of big law firms, leaving lawyers  create smaller specialized boutique  law firms having  from 3 to 10 lawyers. With respect to growing economics we see the growing sector of the  employment law and sale of family firms owned by older owners. The purchasers are mostly investment groups or bigger firms. We see as the threat the  danger of the  expected revaluation  of the Czech Crown against Euro in 2017.

Richard Myslil, Bubník Myslil & Partners, advokáti, attorneys at law, Rechtsanwälte - www.bmpartners.cz

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