Discussion on Directors and Officers Liability exposure in Czech Republic

AmCham members met on Tuesday, March 12th to discuss Directors and Officers Liability exposure in Czech Republic. Marta Fišnerová (JŠK) and Luděk Pachman (Aon) explained relations in international insurance programs and impact on directors in Czech Republic.

We discussed claims examples and their outputs. How can directors secure liability exposure raise from their position? How to communicate in the holding structure this risk? Can we conclude local insurance policies or rely on holding insurance programs? Feel free to use bellow contacts to get more information about the matter and learn how to effectively secure your management risks.

Presentations from the session can be downloaded here.

Marta Fišnerová, Partner, JŠK, advokátní kancelář, s.r.o.

marta.fisnerova@jsk.cz, M: +420 777 224 842 | T: +420 226 227 611

Luděk Pachman, Head of Financial Lines, Commercial Risk Solutions, Aon Central and Eastern Europe a.s.

ludek.pachman@aon.cz, +420 603 991 835



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