Business & Employment Immigration in 2017 - comments request by June 9

Following our panel discussion “Business & Employment Immigration in 2017” held on 15th March 2017, we have met with the Ministry of the Interior to discuss practical issues of implementing the amendment of the Act on Stay of Foreigners in the Czech Republic.

Besides discussing the amendment, the Ministry has shared with us the kind of capacity problems the Immigration Authority has (especially in Prague and larger cities with extensive foreign population), as they are experiencing double-digit growth of the foreign population, but due to various reasons cannot hire adequate number of employees to balance the increase of the agenda.

We have mentioned that there might be some potential time savings at the Immigration Authority offices as there is many inefficiencies we can see while visiting the offices. For example:

IA Office




Praha - Cigánkova

No printer for birth number certificates at collection of residency permits

In case a birth number is issued to a foreign national, but is not yet printed at the residency permit, the foreign national needs to arrange for a new appointment for collection of the birth number certificate which adds work to the appointment line and officer at the Immigration Authority

Equip the counters where residency permits are collected with printers for birth number certificates

The Ministry is keen on listening to us and has asked us to list the inefficiencies we see at their various offices which might help them find time savings and, on the end, improve their service.

We see this as a great opportunity to partner with the Ministry and establish a long-term working relationship, which will help us suggest more improvements in long-term.

We would like to ask you to provide your insights of the inefficiencies you see while visiting the Immigration Authority. Please kindly use the attached spreadsheet and return it back to us by EOD 9th June 2017, so we can evaluate the material received and discuss it on the next Labor Code and Social Affairs Committee meeting which will be held on the 21st of June 2017.   

Thank you for your cooperation!


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