AmCham Human Resource Committee looked into best practice in incentivizing innovative workforce

AmCham Human Resources Committee met to discuss how to develop and incentivize innovative workforce. And it is not always monetary incentives that work the best.

Speakers agreed that cognitive flexibility, or the capability of continuous learning, fast accommodation to change, and building of new competences and soft skills, together with autonomy and recognition of achievements are the key to development and incentivizing innovative workforce. Jaroslav Bělehrad, Global Head of HR provided an insight into how they foster their Golden Five priorities at Y Soft.
Both the services and manufacturing sectors are hungry for talent nowadays, Agnieszka Pietrasik, Managing Director at Hays Czech Republic, pointed out using fresh Hays client research data. The services sector (audit, tax, law) is by nature oriented towards the client needs and client communication, so creative risk-taking and autonomy has some limits here, Martina Kneiflová. Managing Partner at EY Czech Republic explained. Martina agreed with the others, though, that resilience and fast adaptability to change, collaboration and leadership, as well as the ability to adopt the newest tech tools and expert knowledge trends play the same, crucial role in all sectors of business. 

Key takeaways?
Teams need to be more self aware of their strengths and weaknesses. They need to have a diverse set of skills and personalities. Incentives need to be calibrated to encourage risk-taking within defined objectives. Failure that leads to success should not be punished or considered a career-killer, and might even be worth a bonus. Skillsets need constant updating as technology and knowledge grows.
None of this is something new under the sun. But all of it needs to be woven together in just the right proportions to ensure that your organization will emerge successfully from this high technological transitionary period.

Thank you to our speakers for discussing interactively the best practice in their respective sectors of business! 

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