AmCham Health Care Council held discussion on digitization of health care: plans & projects in the pipeline

The Czech Republic has a once-in-a-generation chance to improve its citizen's health and increase the efficiency of its health care system. This opportunity is provided by the dedication of EU funds to national health care in the Recovery program.

Yesterday, leaders in the sector discussed just how to maximize the benefit of these funds at an AmCham CZ Health Care Council roundtable.

Prof. Miloš Táborský, Director of the National Telemedicine Center (NTCM) has provided an overview of projects and prof. Štěpán Svačina, President of ČLS JEP, an insight into health literacy and its economic impacts.

We heard from Deputy Minister of Health for Digitization Milan Blaha and Tomáš Knížek, Deputy Head for Informatics of VZP insurance company about their digital plans, as well as from Jan Purkrábek of LINET about a new patient safety product using AI that not only can decrease secondary injuries caused by accidents, but can also create a new export cluster for the Czech Republic. Martin Koníř of KPMG Czech Republic and Jana Břeská of Amazon Web Services (AWS) outlined how the cloud could improve regional hospital network efficiency and increase prevention of illness.

With Jaroslav Duba of OAKS Consulting coordinating our efforts, we will be promoting three priorities in this round of digitizing health care:

1) migrate regional systems to a national network of cloud computing as a way to create system efficiency and create the analytical capability to spur technological and operational innovation,

2) improve patient access to information (particularly concerning prevention) and care, and

3) ensure secure access to data to spur technological and operational innovation.

If you have a project that fits one or more of those categories, let us know!


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