AmCham Energy Outlook: Many leaders reacted to energy prices by accelerating investments

On Tuesday, AmCham CZ discussed the multiple challenges business faces with the energy that powers our economy. Philippe Ducom of ExxonMobilPavel Cyrani of ČEZ, Martin Kuba of The Association of Regions, and Milan Šlapák of GE Aviation. 

The four covered the global and European capacity and the logistics needed to shift the source of our supply, how CEZ is trying to adapt now while investing for more energy secure future, and how regions are managing the budgets of hospitals and working with district heating generators to ensure homes are supplied through the next few winters.

AmCham is grateful for the many leaders in our membership that reacted to energy prices not by blaming the government for destroying the economy but by accelerating investments into heat pumps and solar panels and digital management of the production process so they could reduce energy consumption and switch what energy they use. 



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