AmCham energy intel sessions: Companies and individuals are finding ways to conserve without disrupting the economy

Europe took the path of least resistance for three decades after the fall of the Soviety Union, and now depends greatly on that energy supply. This fall and winter will be a test of each European's conviction in individual freedom and European democracy. 

Philippe Ducom, President for Europe of ExxonMobil, discussed the availability of other energy resources and the infrastructure needed to bring those supplies to the Czech Republic with AmCham leadership on July 26. The spare capacity is slim. The construction of infrastructure will take time. Overcoming Russia's extortion this winter will greatly depend on companies and individuals finding ways to conserve without disrupting the economy. That starts today. 

On August 1, Václav Bartuška, Czechia's energy envoy, discussed with AmCham members the area of negotiations within the EU, and how the government plans to meet its conservation and new supply goals.


Here is what you can do:
The European Commission and the IEA outline key energy saving actions | European Commission (
This is what ExxonMobil has done:

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