AmCham discussed the future of Big Bets in Brno region

AmCham member companies had a chance to meet with Brno City officials and discuss the future of Big Bets in Brno and Brno metropolitan area. 

Among areas of cooperation between the City and companies were mentioned the promotion of interesting projects and activities of Brno-located innovative companies, as well as possible participation of companies in increasing Brno's potential (in multiple areas, ranging from infrastructure to support of City projects and platforms).

Cutting edge technology needs to be chased. Rather than one size fits all packages, big bets might need an individualized approach. Getting top researchers at Brno universities and CEITEC should be one of primary focus areas for Brno. University results can get even more public recognition with help of Brno city events.

The debate mainly focused on education and housing. One very interesting proposal was raised toward the end of the meeting: the city has land on which they would like to develop a life sciences park. AmCham put the City in touch with our Real Estate Council experts, and will raise the issue in our Health Care Council in the coming days. 

Thank you to doc. RNDr. Anna Putnová, Ph.D., MBA, Innovations and Cooperation with Research Organizations, Brno City Council, JUDr. PhDr. Martin Příborský, EMLE, Strategic Development, Metropolitan Cooperation, Integrated Territorial Investments, Brno City Council, Mgr. Jakub Rybář, DiS., Cooperation and Development Department, Brno City Hall, and Mgr. Hana Bendžíková, Cooperation and Development Department, Brno City Hall for joining us.


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