Prague, Rising Above - video to support investments in Prague

Prague comes from the word threshold. And that is what it has been for so many who have lived and worked here: a place to make their dreams enter into reality. With its special alchemy of diligent effort and devotion to technological advance, this city can be the place where, to paraphrase Libuse, your business can rise above all others. Join us and invest here.

“We believe we need to join our city development plans and our national economic strategy together. Cities create regional economies, and regional economies are what construct national economies.  We need to urge that our strategies are built from the bottom up, not the top down. And, since our cities are the driving force of our economic success, we need to do more to make them creative and entrepreneurial centers of not only this country, but the continent. That is why we decided to make a promotional video that companies and officials can use to inform and attract people to come and do business in Prague,” explains Michal Nebeský, President of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic and Managing Director, Citibank Czech Republic, the reason for creating the new video promoting Prague as a great investment destination. 


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