4th AmCham Golf Team Tournament at Casa Serena - June 1st

18 member companies teams participated on Wednesday, June 1st at Casa Serena, Roztěž at the AmCham Golf Team tournament. See the list of Golf teams: 3M Česko, AON, AV Media, Bird & Bird, Constellation, Delta Air Lines/Cordia Consulting, DFK Cab, Eaton, Foxconn GSD, Hana trading, Hays, Kinstellar, KPMG Česká republika, Marriott Hotels International, MONETA Money Bank, Opel, Philips Česká republika.

We would like to thank all golfers for playing with us, sponsors - Delta Air LInes & Opel, donnators of prizes, sponsor of coffee/tea: Dallmayr Kaffee, and congratulate to all winners!

Winning teams - Full Photo gallery at AmCham flickr:

  1. place: Bird & Bird team
  2. place: KPMG Ceska republika team
  3. place: Hana Trading team

Sponsors of the AmCham golf tournament:

  • Delta Airlines, Inc – presenting return of seasonal direct flight from Prague to New York …..daily from May 2, 2016
  • Opel Southeast Europe LLC – presenting new Opel Cascada  / CASCADA Cosmo 1.6 SHT (149 kW / 200 hp) MT6  

Prizes donnated by member´s companies:

  • Delta Air Lines, Inc.
  • Channel Crossing
  • Eating Prague Tours
  • Fashion Arena Prague Outlet
  • Marriott Hotels International
  • Opel Southeast Europe LLC
  • Suit & me

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