GM Breakfast on February 23 - InterContinental

On today´s GM Breakfast at InterContinental we have discussed AmCham 4 Strategic  Directions for Czech Economic Policy –  Letter on Strategy. The objective of this document is to start a discussion of how the Czech Republic can set a strategy (allocate its current economic and political assets) in order to improve its economic performance over the next ten years. The document will be used to hold roundtables with all willing policymakers, both in the public and private sector, in an attempt to create consensus on the economic direction of the country.

We have determined at AmCham 8 questions linked to the strategic directions and as agreed on today´s breakfast there is one main question which is: SKILLED PEOPLE – Where to find skilled people, Lack of skilled people, not only IT specialists, How an IT specialists should look like in 2020, Language skills, Any Certifications, Internship, Why technical positions are not enough attractive for students?… How private business can help?

Next step – Roundtable on March 15, 2016 – Registration by email. See more.

Many thanks to all GMs for active participation and discussion, special thanks to Magdalena Soucek, Managing Partner of EY/  AmCham Board member for leading this breakfast, and to Robert Rudge/ Gergely Molnár of InterContinental  - for hosting this breakfast.

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