AmCham Letter on Strategy & 8 questions

Following to the AmCham Letter on Strategy we would like to find answers to the defined questions bellow. AmCham committee members with expertise, studies& researches, and interest in solving/answering the following questions should contact AmCham by email for more information. To see the questions, click here.


8 questions for 1Q 2016.
1.    Can we turn research into manufacturing jobs that increase the value-added of export?
2.    Should university graduates exit university with certain standard skills certifications? If so, what?
3.    Can immigration help solve the lack of qualified workers? 
4.    What will the IT specialist of 2020 need to know?
5.    How can we bring more people through the doors of the Prague Airport?
6.    How do we make our cities hubs of the digital economy?
7.    How do we know how much policy and health care impacts healthy life years?
8.    How can public procurement better deliver quality public services?

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