AmCham 2016 Letter on Strategy

2016 Letter on Strategy in English.

2016 Letter on Strategy in Czech.

The objective of the document is to start a discussion of how the Czech Republic can set a strategy (allocate its current economic and political assets) in order to improve its economic performance over the next ten years. It lays out our ideas about the strategic direction of the economy and serves as a staring platform to discuss views with the hope of forming some consensus on how to construct our future prosperity. The ideas expressed represent the distillation of our discussions with businesses, universities and government officials, and we recognize they do not reflect all options, or perhaps even the best options. The document will be used to hold roundtables with all willing policymakers, both in the public and private sector, in an attempt to create consensus on the economic direction of the country. We recognize that we may not have the only- or best- solutions, and expect the document to evolve through the debate, therefore we also would appreciate any feedback you have on the document, or any other suggestions.

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