Conference Public Procurement of Medical Devices and Technologies in Hospitals on September 22

On September 22, AmCham together with CzechMed organized Conference Public Procurement of Medical Devices and Technologies in Hospitasl, which held about 200 attendees. In the keynote speech by Jaroslav Kracún - Legal Officer, DG Internal Market & Services, European Commission, he addressed Procurement of quality with consideration of sustainable development under the new Directive 2014/24/EU. Foreign speakers - Yvan Cox - Manager of the Material Management, University Hospitals Leuven and Geert Heyrman - Head of procurement and logistics department, GasthuisZusters Antwerpen together with representatives of Czech ministries, health care companies and hospitals procurement professionals delivered opinions and ideas and had discussions on public procurement and how to buy health care devices and technologies effectively in terms of price and quality.
For photogallery, click here. Presentations of speakers: Jaroslav Kracún (European Commision), Jan Klusácek (Ministry of Heath Care), Radim Senk (ÚVN - Military University Hospital Prague), Adam Vojtech (Ministry of Finance), Yvan Cox (University Hospitals Leuven). For conference programme and panelists´ profiles, click here. Video from Platform for quality of medical devices here. For press release, click here.

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