New Plus Club Members - June 2014

AmCham: The Plus Club

Strong communities are built by the efforts of those people who can balance self-interest with public good. The AmCham Plus Club was created to aknowledge such peolple and the good deeds they have done for all of us. Members of the Pus Club receive a lapel button that they are asked to wear to remind each of us that the health of our society does not begin in the prime minister´s office but in the actions of every one of us each day.

We are grateful to those individuals who received thier pin this year and we look forward to the day when our entire country bears one on their breast.

June 2014: New Plus Club Member: Martin Brix of Lease Plan Česká republika, Bert Hesselink of CBRE, David Hruška of Pedersen & Partners, Václav Mach of Microsoft, Zbyněk Pardubský of Huawei Technologies (Czech), Michal Slavíček of Provident Financial, Michal Spěváček of SPĚVÁČEK vzdělávací centrum, Filip Šváb of AT&T.


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