Call from AmCham Serbia: Emergency Support for the Regions Hit by Floods

As you are aware, in the past few days Serbia has been hit by the catastrophic floods. There are many casualties, thousands of people have lost their homes and many more are still fighting for their lives and waiting to be evacuated. The ones that are saved are in urgent need for help.

Your donations, in kind or money, can make a great difference and assist in rebuilding life in the areas that are most affected and provide urgent assistance to the evacuated ones. Water, food, hygiene products, clothes, shoes, baby food and nappies are the most needed in the moment but also medicines, beds, etc.

If you can donate the needed items, please contact Red Cross Serbia for assistance at (+381 11) 303 21 25 / ext. 215 and 217, or via email

If you can donate the money, which is the most needed, we suggest to do it through Red Cross Serbia. We got the assurances from Red Cross Serbia that all donors will have 3% tax relief in 2014. Please see attached the instructions for payments in foreign currencies and template contracts for donations in kind and in money that we received from Red Cross Serbia.

If you need more information from Red Cross Serbia regarding donations, please contact : Olivera Aleksić, Finance director, Red Cross Serbia, phone: (+381 11) 303 21 25/ ext 211 or cell: (+381 62) 880 15 17 or email:

Should you like to assist with individual in-kind contributions – please consult the list of needs and collection centers at:

Please inform AmCham Executive Office about your specific donation, as we are trying to keep track of members’ support and upon request inform the US Embassy and the Government of Serbia.

Also, let us know if and how you decided to help the people in need.


Thank you!

AmCham Serbia Executive Team

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