AmCham 2013 Wings Awards go to Jan Valdinger of Change Partnership and to Jan Lorman of Život 90

On Saturday, November 23, AmCham organized its traditional Thanksgiving Ball for its members and their clients in Žofín Palace. The evening was in the spirit of social responsibility. This year Jan Valdinger of Change Partnership was awarded for his long-term contribution and cooperation on AmCham projects. Newly this year AmCham awarded its Wings Award also to the community leader – Jan Lorman of Život 90 - who has contributed the most to improving the community in the Czech Republic over the recent past.

The time and talents of AmCham members are what make the organization thrive. Without the voluntary efforts of dozens of members throughout the year, our organization would not be able to advocate new reforms, organize insightful seminars, and make the connections that bring greater prosperity to the country.

2013 Thanksgiving Ball recognized members’ acts of social responsibility by awarding the third annual Wings Award for a member who has made significant contributions to AmCham activities in the recent past. These acts not only brought a benefit to the AmCham, but to the business community as a whole.

This year we extended the Wings Award also to the field of community involvement and awarded the Wings to a community leader who has done the most to improve the community in the Czech Republic. By this award, we wanted to recognize those citizens, who are interested in current societal issues, take the active role and lead the change to significant improvement.

Profile of the winner of 2013 Wings Award to the community leader:

Jan Lorman - Život 90
Jan Lorman´s background is in directing theatre and radio broadcasts. In 1990 he set up an organization called Život 90 with a mission to improve the quality of life and general well-being of senior citizens. Život 90 is Jan´s great passion and his work for this organization has been a life-long commitment with significant and far-reaching impact on the community as a whole.

Život 90 cooperates with governmental and municipal institutions in creating programs aimed at social, educational and cultural activities. It provides numerous humanitarian services to enable the elderly to more actively enjoy their lives as members of society.

Mr Lorman´s team has been operating a special telephone line for senior citizens who are in distress or in need of help. Hundreds of thousands of pensioners have confided in the Život 90 helpline over the years of the organization´s existence and have benefited from its valuable advice and guidance.

More information about Život 90 activities and projects can be found at


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