School projects looking for support

From its program One World, Many Voices, AmCham supported 11 school projects, that are beneficial for local community and bring together youngsters, public and local government.  There are 27 projects left, that could not be sponsored from the program and seek for support. Please see the summary attached and if you or your company would consider supporting some of them, please contact Eva Chvalkovská at for more details.

List of projects, that could not be supported from the program

Short description
Requested grant, CZK
ZŠ Velká Bíteš
Our home is here
Support locally embedded learning, belonging to the region, school and public cooperation - regional textbook printing and events
90 000
Základní škola a Mateřská škola Žarošice, okr. Hodonín
Folklore tradition in the Žarošice village, Laštověnka group
Reconstruction of songs, dances, traditions from Hanácké Slovácko
30 000
MŠ a ZŠ J.A.Komenského Žeravice
We can recycle
Recycling promotion, building a classroom located in nature
60 000
ZŠ Staré město, okr. Uherské Hradiště
The fight against invasive plants
Mapping invasive plants, creating information leaflets, disposal of plants
91 000
První jazyková ZŠ v Praze 4, Horáčkova
Film Club in English
Learning and improving communication in English, equipment for projection room, American culture introduction
99 440
ZŠ Lupáčova, Praha 5
Children like us
School cooperation - digital municipal school and practical school for handicapped children - support for final summer camp
41 000
SPŠSaOA Kladno (Scondary Technical Lyceum Kladno)
Do you know what you eat up?
Food quality, support of public health, food safety
85 600
ZŠ Chrudim, Dr. J, Malíka
TEEN - The Eyes Everywhere Nearby
Tourist information focused on teenagers
88 000
Elementary school Kopřivnice, Štramberská
School against poverty
Increase awareness about poverty in agriculture in the Global South and possibility to solve this problem by Fair Trade
61 500
Lauderovy školy
First aid for secondary school students - multimedia handbook
Raising awareness of first aid
48 650
Lauderovy školy
Keeping the speed limit at busy streets around Lauder schools
Speed measurement, evaluation, ICT usage
95 500
SZeŠ Lanškroun
The Book - the Bridge between nations
Enlarge knowledge about American and European culture, literature
80 000
Gymnázium Jana Valeriána Jirsíka, České Budějovce
Project of the quiet zones in České Budějovice
Use of public space with the target to create the quiet zone for recreation.
62 400
ZŠ a MŠ Fr. Palackého Hodsalvice
Everybody sings English in Hodslavice
support English learning, communication skills development - Karaoke competition
91 184
ZŠ Těšetice
Kosířsko Microregion promotion
creation of information for tourists, trip to London
97 025
ZŠ Slaný, Rabasova
Many Generations, One Language
English DVD for tourists
95 000
ZŠ Sokolov
Path for energy
Energy saving - determining energy consumption in a school, proposing solution to save, motivate the public to think about energy consumption at home
98 524
ZŠ J.A. Komenského, Louny
In a healthy body, healthy spirit
Highlight the healthy lifestyle of the young generation, effective usage of agriculture products, sustainable development
108 000
14. základní škola Plzeň, Zábělská
English expressions in Czech language
Seeking English expressions and their domestication in Czech language
50 000
ZŠ Lupáčova, Praha 3
Domino - future touch - interactive learning
Tablets usage for teaching early learners, research of impact of this method
58 000
ZŠ Lupáčova, Praha 4
Student visits of UNESCO sites and providing own review, international cooperation
36 000
ZŠ Pomezí
English - children, public
English teaching - children will teach younger children in kindergarten, public courses for seniors - purchase of new teaching materials
93 805
FZŠ Drtinova
Let's Learn Together
Teaching English young learners by second-graders
60 200
Lauderovy školy
Edition Desk of the School's magazine
Enlarge the newsletter's edition and distribution
47 900
ZŠ Dr. E. Beneše, Praha
Look, Who's Reading?
Monthly reading sessions for children and seniors
55 500
ZŠ J.A. Komenského, Karlovy Vary, Kollárova 19
Ekoškola promotion
Webpages, magazine, calendar and one week exchange program
99 900
ZŠ Fr. Plamínkové, Praha 7
Reading Together, Reading in English
Promotion of reading, specifically in English, library creation
61 800

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