Annual Global Business Summit_ACE´s Letter to Deputy Secretary Nides

On behalf of the Executive Committee of AmChams in Europe (ACE), please find attached a letter that was sent to Deputy Secretary of State Tom Nides on behalf of ACE.

Further to ACE´s meeting with Mr Nides in May in DC and previous meetings that have happened in Brussels and elsewhere, the letter was written to encourage the Deputy Secretary to continue to organise the Global Business Summit in DC on an annual basis and ACE have offered help wherever it can, over the transition period of US Administrations at the end of this year, to ensure that this initiative does indeed continue. ACE also asked to increase the focus on Europe at the next summit, have given one idea for a possible regional platform for Mr Nides but its overall priority is to stress that it would very much like the Global Business Summit to be an annual event.  If this is the case, ACE would organise ACE annual DC conference at the same time as the summit. 

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