ADOPT A SCHOOL for Ethics in our Children and Trust in our Society (ASET) project

We would like to address your company to join the program „ADOPT A SCHOOL FOR ETHICS IN OUR CHILDREN AND TRUST IN OUR SOCIETY“ (ASET), organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic (AmCham) in cooperation with the Ministry of Education (MŠMT) and the Ethical Forum, a public service company as a part of AmCham´s Truth and Trust initiative. More information about the program and how to be involved can be found in the attachement.
The AmCham competitiveness report pointed out that one of obstacles in the effective development of our economy is the high level of corruption. Transparency International Corruption Perception Index comes to the same conclusion. A survey of managers‘ opinions shows that „soft skills“, communication skills, empathy, presentation skills, are sadly lacking. Noone doubts that conditions for life and business in our country need to be cultivated.

We realize that trust acts as the engine of progress in society and propels economic and social development. We are also aware that the character of today‘s leaders was formed a long time ago in their childhood - at the elementary school level. It is therefore imperative that we instill character - forming values now in tomorrow’s leaders so that they may excel not only in impressive business results, but in their individual sense of moral responsibility to build a better society.

One way to provide long - term success in this mission is to introduce ethical education in Czech elementary schools. In September 2010, the Ministry of Education incorporated such a course into the framework of its education program.

As a joint initiative between the Czech Ministry of Education, the Ethical Forum and the American Chamber of Commerce, the “Adopt a School” project is designed to help build corporate social responsibility at its roots-in elementary schools - where adult character is shaped.

The program was launched in September 2012 by the Ministry of Education when it published the news on its website inviting the participation of all elementary schools interested in its implementation.

The firms may themselves propose concrete schools they wish to support (ie. a school in their neighborhood or one attended by children of their employees).

Etická výchova, o.p.s.
The project is implemented by the Ethical Education, NFP a public service organization whose principal objective is to promote ethical education in the elementary school system and whose pilot program has already been successfully launched in Prague 6.

Budget per one school

  • Necessary minimum     37 950 Kč (ca. $2,100)
  • Recommended     94 530 Kč (ca. $5,250)
  • All inclusive     133 170 Kč (ca. $7,400)
    (per school, for the whole period of implementation 2-3 years)


  1. The Ministry of Education publishes on its official website an invitation to this project for all elementary schools. Based on the motivational letter the Ministry would choose the applicants for adoption.
  2. AmCham offers the possibility of adoption to the corporations and helps during the cooperation of the company with the adopted school.
  3. The public service company Etická výchova helps the schools to implement Ethics through preparing their teachers and through methodological support. All services are provided through experts from Etické fórum ČR.

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